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StartUp: the series is a real hit on Netflix

June 4, 2021

You may have noticed: the first three seasons of StartUp, a flagship series on the Crackle platform, are now available on Netflix. StartUp, although it is an ambitious series due to the complex and modern issues it deals with, it first aired on Amazon in 2016 with complete indifference.

However, Netflix decided to give the series another chance and managed to acquire the license to broadcast it after months of negotiations with the Crackle streaming service, one of Sony’s subsidiaries.

By purchasing the license for the Lucifer series in June 2018, Netflix had already shown us that the platform knows how to bet on the right horses. The streaming giant was back in style when it bought the streaming rights to this original series from Crackle.

And this choice was more than judicious since the American series has known a fabulous success since its arrival on the streaming platform with the red logo. In fact, StartUp is currently the 6th the most watched series in Spain and the 4th most watched series in the world on the VOD platform although it has only been broadcast since 1er June in the latter.

Crackle’s hit series is the result of a beautiful mix between drama and suspense that plunges us into the heart of the universe of the Dark Web and cryptocurrencies. The story begins with Izzy, a young Cuban computer scientist, who establishes a new form of cryptocurrency.

However, investors do not believe in his discovery and refuse to support him in his project. So you decide to use less orthodox means of obtaining financing and found your business.

He will create his own gang consisting of the son of a money launderer named Nick (played by NewPort Beach star Adam Brody), and a Haitian gang leader named Ronald (Edi gathegi). These 3 acolytes, by creating their unconventional business, will live their own version of the American dream and join forces with a corrupt FBI agent. Together, they will revisit organized crime in the United States.