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Squid Game Season 1: Why did Oh Il Nam create the game? 001 is he dead?

September 28, 2021

Find out why the old man aka Oh Il Nam created the Squid Game! No. 001 is he dead?

Squid Game is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about Oh Il Nam’s motivations, keep reading! Korean drama series Squid it had a curvy ending. If you want to know the explanation of the ending in detail, read this.

Echoing familiar themes from other critically acclaimed survival thrillers such as The Hunger Games, Battle Royale, and the Saw movies. Squid It could change the expectations of audiences around the world for Korean series. To find out when season 2 will be released, read this.

The series follows the life of Seong Gi-hun, a divorced driver and hapless gamer who joins the Squid hoping to win billions of Korean won, allowing him to fight for custody of his daughter. Gi-hun is joined by hundreds of other desperate people who, like him, are deeply in debt.

Throughout the series’ nine episodes, viewers discover the stories of many gamers, watch hundreds of players die violently, and face the harsh realities of unequal wealth. But finally, Oh il nam He turns out to be the creator of the game, we tell you all about his motivations!

Why did Oh Il Nam create Squid Game?

Like any other game, the old man, whose real name is revealed as Oh Il-nam, has created Squid for fun and entertainment. As he tells Gi-hun when he arrives at the apartment and is surprised to see him alive, he is extremely wealthy.

And when someone has so much money, there comes a time when nothing in the world can satisfy them. Oh Il-nam He was bored in his life, and after talking to his equally wealthy clients, he realized that they felt the same way. Possessing almost anything one could wish for apparently took away their enthusiasm for life.

Oh Il-nam So he created the game to have a little fun. But he did not invent a game like polo or golf to combat his boredom. He created an obscenely violent game that suited his tastes and those of his clients. The money, power, and influence of these people automatically empowered them. Therefore, the fact that they are dealing with the lives of real people apparently did not affect their conscience.

squid game 001

# 001 is he really dead?

The tumor has always been real. Oh Il-nam he knew he was going to die soon. So, to experience his creation from the other side of the glass, he decided to play the game, leaving his owl mask behind and wearing the jumpsuit and the jacket n ° 001.

Oh Il-nam and his clients or VIPs were betting each other on their favorite competitors. It has become for them the ultimate source of entertainment. Even in his last moments, he makes a bet with Gi-hun on someone else’s life. As an angry Gi-hun tries to suffocate her, 001 he tells Gi-hun that he will tell him everything if he plays another game with him.

He points to the outside where a man is freezing to death and tells Gi-hun that Gi-hun will win if someone comes to help the man before midnight. He wants Gi-hun to believe what has become his own philosophy: People are not inherently good. However, before midnight, someone comes to help the man, thus proving him wrong. But by then, Il-nam himself is dead and will never find out that he lost his last bet.