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Squid Game Season 1: Who is number 101, alis Jang Deok-su? Is dead?

September 29, 2021

Find out more about Jang Deok-Su Player # 101 in Squid Game Season 1! Who is the actor Death of the character, Instagram etc.

Squid Game is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about Jang Deok-Su number 101, keep reading! The stars of the Korean series Squid are more popular than ever since the series achieved international success. For the explanation of the end of the first season, read this.

The characters of Squid He faced hundreds of very desperate and indebted people in a series of games for children. And in every game, the price of failure is death. Set in and around Seoul, South Korea, Squid Game brings a unique horror touch to familiar elements from the Battle Royale game, The Hunger Games, and the Saw movies. To find the costumes, click here. If you have any questions about Player 101, we’ll tell you all about it!

Did Jang Deok-Su number 101 die in Squid Game?

Yes, Jang Deok-su or Player 101 dies in Squid Game. His death takes place during the glass springboard game in episode 7. Han Mi-nyeo grabs him tightly and reminds him of his betrayal before dragging him into a murder-suicide. Follow the actor on Instagram @heosungtae

Early in the game, thanks to his experience as a gang leader, Deok-su established himself as a dominant player. Smart and opportunistic Mi-nyeo quickly concludes that allying with Deok-su is the surest way to ensure his survival. During the honeycomb game, she secretly passes him her lighter, helping him complete his task.

squid game Jang Deok su

Deok-su Beat his partner in the Ball Trial to reach the Crystal Hill Trial, where all the players before him fall one after the other from the Crystal Bridge. Suddenly afraid to move on, he declares that he will stay where he is, and that one of the players behind him will have to take the lead. Otherwise everyone will die on this bridge after time is up. Mi-nyeo pushes the player closest to him No. 101, which nearly knocked the latter off the bridge.

Mi-nyeo repress Deok-su for his cowardice and tells him that he will go for him. As he lets his guard down, she puts her hands around him and reminds him of his betrayal. the Number 101 He desperately tries to get out of his grip, but fails. He begs her to let him go and promises that he will go first. Calling him a coward once more, he drags him to his death.