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Sky Rojo Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Filming… Will the Sequel Coming Soon?

July 23, 2021

Alex Pina’s creative genius strikes again! The new episodes of Red Sky they are linked at breakneck speed and before you know it, the new game is over… Impossible to resist the temptation to traverse this series under high voltage.

The ending hints at a possible sequel but for it to be staged it will be necessary that Netflix agrees to produce Sky Rojo season 3. It has not yet been won, but there is hope, we take stock with you in this article.

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 3 of Sky Rojo (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

The second season was renewed even before the first went online on Netflix, unfortunately this is not the case for season 3. This does not mean there will not be a sequel!

The streaming giant simply wants to take the time to analyze audiences for new episodes before taking the risk of investing in the production of season 3 of Sky Red.

The first eight episodes were a huge hit on the platform and there is little doubt that the new part will be hugely popular as well. However, it will be necessary to wait at least a month before Netflix confirms the renewal of Spanish fiction.

Sky Rojo Season 3 on Netflix: filming has not started yet

When the first season premiered on Netflix, filming for the next episodes had already begun in Spain. This is also the reason why some local media said at the time that a new season would soon arrive on the streaming platform.

As Filming for Sky Rojo season 3 has yet to begin and Netflix has not made any official statement., it is impossible to know if the heroines of the original creation will return anytime soon.

You can consider that Season 3 of Sky Rojo will be ordered if the series manages to reach at least third place in the top 10 in Spain. This will mean that she is extremely popular and therefore Netflix will want to extend Alex Pina’s story.

For our part, we will closely follow the evolution of the fiction ranking in the 190 countries where Netflix is ​​available. We will do a first assessment next week, this will allow us to estimate the popularity of the series and therefore its chances of obtaining a season 3!

Is the premiere date of season 3 of Sky Rojo already scheduled by Netflix?

Hard to estimate the release date of the next episodes while the series has not yet been renewed. However, given that filming has not started and Netflix has made no statement, one scenario seems highly likely …

We think Netflix will order Sky Rojo season 3 pretty quickly (in less than four weeks). With the go-ahead from the streaming platform, production teams can quickly get to work and begin writing scripts and planning filming.

Assuming the health crisis will not affect the shoot, We estimate that the release date of Sky Rojo season 3 on netflix will be early July 2022. One year should be enough to complete eight episodes …

It is also possible that Sky Rojo season 3 is online in May as was the case in the first part. As soon as we have new information on this, this article will be updated. We will periodically consult the Spanish media in search of news about Sky Rojo season 3 !