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Sisyphus The Myth Season 1: Netflix series ending explained!

May 25, 2021

Check out the explanation for the ending of season 1 of Sisyphus The Netflix Myth!

Sisyphus is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! Sisyphus the myth even the very final it does not explain the temporal paradox that Tae-sul manipulates. Of course, they travel within the cycle of time to help each other. But in the end of season 1, it becomes clear that there is no way that Tae-sul can really take down Seo-hae. Not in the present, where Seo-hae is still a child. In the process, we see Tae-sul come up with a brilliant plan: travel through the time loop created by Seo-hae to achieve a result that Sigma could not have expected or was unaware of.

He teleported with Seo-hae to the past to create another line of events that helped him save Seo-hae and his friend who also died. He also managed to kill the Sigma of the future and save the man who has become Sigma in the present from harboring hatred towards Tae-sul. It seems that everything has gone well and is about to say goodbye to Seo-hae, but she does not disappear.

Time cycle explanation

Then we attend a scene that we have already seen. Tae-sul asks Mr. Park for a gun and a sniper. He whispers to her: “The future you asked me to tell you this. Your daughter is by your side. But you wasted your time without recognizing her. So you can stop now. It’s good“. So, Choi Jae-sun picks up Gang Seo-hae and Tae-sul. Choi Jae-sun reveals that he was wearing a bulletproof vest and that he was aware of Tae-sul’s plan. He’s not dead, he’s passed out. Gang Seo-hae gives Choi Jae-sun a big hug. He then tells Tae-sul that he is good at lying.

Then the church scene is repeated, but from another point of view, with Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae settling on top of the church so they can shoot Sigma, while Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae are in a precarious position with Sigma. Meanwhile, Gang Dong-gi finds Seo Gil-bok and takes care of him as requested. Currently, Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae fight Sigma, and the other Gang Seo-hae eliminates the villain.

Gang Seo-hae and Tae-sul walk towards Sigma, who disappears with a glow. Suddenly, Gang Seo-hae feels weak, so Tae-sul relieves her. She kisses Tae-sul on the cheek and tears run down her face. Gang Seo-hae thanks you for everything you have done for her. The couple embrace, crying. Gang Seo-hae begins to disappear and Tae-sul asks her not to leave.

sisyphus season 1 finale

Sisyphus the Myth season 1 ending explained

Tae-sul tells Gang Seo-hae that he knew from the beginning that this was going to happen. He tells her to find him even though there is no future. Tae-sul points the gun at him and commits suicide. The missiles that are about to attack Korea disappear – Mr. Park and his team smile at each other and disappear – Agnes and the orphans disappear. Gang Dong-gi looks around and suddenly everything looks peaceful. The war never took place. Tae-sul saved the world.

Gang Seo-hae looks at Tae-sul’s corpse and admits that she is the one he prefers and promises to find it. As he takes her hand, it disappears. But the emotions don’t stop there… The scene then returns to the shot Tae-sul was in at the beginning of the series. A passenger complains about his food. Next to him on the plane is Gang Seo-hae, who asks for the wine list. She found it. They are together. She puts down her meds, since she obviously doesn’t need them anymore, and leans on Gang Seo-hae’s shoulder.

The series then shows Seo Gil-bok. He is painting a child outside, then he goes home. See one of his paintings and open a notebook. It is written inside “Sigma, Seo Gil-bok, Seo Won-ju, Asia Mart, Park Hyeong-do, Seon-jae, Seon-ho, Bingbing, Quantum & Time, Tae-sul, Han Tae-san is still alive , Uploader Bunker, Control Bureau, Hwang Hyun-seung, Jung Hyeong-gi ”.