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Shot 2: Netflix movie ending explained! Kim, Murad, etc.

June 14, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of Taken 2 on Netflix!

Taken 2 is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of Taken 2, keep reading! The funeral of the Albanian mobsters killed by Bryan Mills in the previous film takes place in Tropojë, Albania. At the funeral, Murad, Albanian mob boss and independent terrorist, vows revenge on Bryan Mills for the death of his son Marko. For the explanation of the ending of Taken 3, read this.

Traveling to Paris with his men, Murad interrogates and tortures former intelligence agent Jean-Claude Pitrel, whose business card was found at Marko’s place of death, but finds no information. He then bribes a corrupt police officer to obtain Pitrel’s files and deduces that Pitrel’s old friend Bryan Mills is responsible and is in Istanbul.

Kim and her mother Lenore, who is currently having marital problems, surprise Bryan by meeting him in Istanbul. The next day, Lenore and Bryan go out for lunch while Kim hangs out by the pool. At home, Lenore and Bryan argue about their old marriage, and Lenore is happy that Bryan has changed and become friendly, and Bryan offers to help Lenore if he needs it. However, while crossing the bridge, Bryan realizes that they are being followed. To discover the explanation of the end of Taken 2, keep reading!

Taken 2 ending explained!

Kim is revealed to be a worthy mercenary as she receives advice from her father for most of the film. However, Bryan is still there to hurt himself, and he manages to save himself and his ex-wife from the Albanian mob. Once the women in his life are misplaced, he sets out to take revenge to find the man behind it all, Murad Hoxha.

The two meet face to face and, unsurprisingly, Bryan takes over. However, he doesn’t kill Murad right away. Instead, it gives him a choice: Murad can choose to die here and now, or he can continue on his way to join his children. Murad accepts the offer to leave Bryan alone, allowing him to put down his gun… Murad raises the gun and discovers that there are no bullets. Bryan realizes that they will always chase him, so he impales his enemy on a towel hook.

taken 2 final

He’s a retired CIA officer who just wants to be there for his family. He doesn’t want to be a murderer and recognizes that if he eliminates Murad, his other children will hunt him down. He prefers not to have to deal with all of this and really seems to want Murad to leave. Sadly, this is not the case and Bryan realizes that no matter how hard he tries, he will always be trapped in this violent world.

Three weeks later, the Mills family gathers at a restaurant on the Los Angeles coast to celebrate Kim’s successful driver’s license. They are joined, to Bryan’s surprise, by Jamie, Kim’s boyfriend. Kim jokingly asks her father not to kill him.