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Shaman King Season 2: Does Netflix Have Four Seasons Planned?

August 12, 2021

The anime’s reboot was eagerly awaited by the streaming platform’s subscribers. The original anime was released in Japan in 2001 and enough to say it marked an entire generation. The first thirteen episodes are linked at inordinate speed, but rest assured, Yoh’s adventures are far from over.

Shaman King season 2 has already been ordered by Netflix and could very well be live before the end of the year. ! It is quite rare, but sometimes it happens that two seasons of an anime are released in the span of a few months, especially when it is extremely popular.

The release date for shaman king season 2 has yet to be revealed, but…

Netflix has not officially confirmed season 2 of Shaman King, but we are going to trust the popularity of fiction, No doubt : new episodes coming soon.

In Spain, anime currently occupies the seventh place in terms of most viewed content. Shaman King is also the 10th most popular fiction in the world on Netflix! Anime is rarely in the top ten worldwide!

Shaman King Season 2 Launch
Netflix Spain Ranking of 08/12/2021 – © Netflix

Rumor has it there will be at least four seasons

Several American media have announced that Yoh’s adventures will continue for at least four seasons. This is not official information yet but it seems logical.

In fact, the original anime consisted of 64 episodes that aired for two consecutive years in Japan (2001-2002). Contrary to what you might think, the reboot should have “only” 52 episodes.

Given that Netflix incorporated thirteen episodes in the first part, it seems logical that the Shaman King season 2 it will be the same length. If you’ve been a long-time subscriber, you know that the streaming giant likes to keep the same episode count from season to season.

Shaman King season 2 to premiere before the end of the year on Netflix

According to our information, the release date for Shaman King season 2 will be November 2021 on Netflix.. Seventeen episodes have currently aired in Japan and typically, Shaman King Season 2 Blu-Rays Out November 24.

As for the first season, Netflix released it 16 days before the DVD release, that potentially means Shaman King Season 2 premieres on Netflix on Monday, November 8, 2021.

Only time will tell if we are right, but we are almost certain of this information. While waiting to be able to latch onto the observer Shaman King season 2, know that Netflix will not order The kissing booth 4 …