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Shaman King Season 1: Netflix anime ending explained!

August 10, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 1 of shaman king on Netflix! Post-credits scene, etc.

Shaman King is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! The new rebooted series of Shaman king finally airs around the world in Netflix And fixed the order of the episodes for its first season!

Hiroyuki Takei’s original manga series is currently experiencing its second chance as an anime, as the new adaptation will be much closer to the development of the original manga’s story. To get the manga, click here. This new version of the franchise has been broadcast in Japan since the spring, but it has finally launched its first batch of episodes in international territories thanks to Netflix.

With this first release, fans got a 13-episode first “season” with the streaming service. If you want to know when the second season will be released, read this. This is the first episode of the rebooted series, which is just a portion of the 52 episodes ordered for the entire new series. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the shaman king season 1 finale, keep reading!

Shaman King Season 1 Ending Explained on Netflix

Hao reincarnated roughly 500 years before current events as a member of the Patch Tribe and then established his control over the Spirit of Fire. The pilot episode portrays Hao’s reincarnation in his original line as one of the twin sons of Keiko and Mikihisa Asakura.

Youmei attempts to kill the boy at the time of his birth, but Hao uses the Spirit of Fire to thwart all attempts. At this point, Yoh is still in his mother’s womb. Before leaving, Hao declares that the body of the boy who possesses his soul will one day want to become the Shaman King. That day he will claim the other half again and will become even more powerful.

Here he refers to Yoh. After all, they are twins and Yoh was probably born with the same natural abilities as his brother. What sets them apart is Hao’s awareness of who he really is, giving him access to the powers of all previous reincarnations, from the original Hao Asakura. But since Yoh has the same inherent abilities as his brother, he is the only person who can potentially stop Hao. This is why Hao actively seeks out Yoh.

Shaman King season 1 post-credits scene explained

In fact, Lilirara is dead. After Yoh and her friends leave, Hao appears in front of her and kills her. Yoh and the others find Lilirara outside the library they visit to find information on the location of the Patch tribe. All they learn is that another tribe, the Seminoa, mentioned the word “Patch” in their “Song of Destruction”, which describes Patch as a demon.

Lilirara is revealed to be a Seminoa who sent the contestants home. She claims that the Shaman King Tournament is part of a great Patch conspiracy and shows them the death of four Seminoa warriors at the hands of Hao Patch 500 years earlier. According to Lilirara, the Patch’s true intention was to destroy humanity so that only the shamans would remain.

shaman king season 1 finale

Même lorsqu’elle apprend that the Patch dont elle parle est en fait Hao, qui s’est déjà reincarné et a rejoint le combat des shamans, elle refuse de laisser Yoh et ses amis poursuivre leur chemin, affirmant that c’est le but de his life. Only when Horohoro declares his dream of creating a field of fuki plants after becoming the Shaman King does he realize that children do not seek power for the sake of power. She gives them the information they need and they leave.

In the post-credits sceneWhile Lilirara plans to tell all the contestants about Hao, the latter appears and destroys Lilirara’s four Warrior Supersoul. He introduces himself as the future Shaman King and reveals that the only reason he was born in the Patch Tribe 500 years ago was to obtain the Spirit of Fire. He was the bad guy alone, not the entire Patch tribe. He then sets out to destroy Lilirara’s body and soul with the Spirit of Fire.