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Shadow And Bone: First Opinions From Netflix Subscribers (No Spoiler)

April 25, 2021

The original creation was published on the platform less than two days ago, but it is more than enough to watch the first season, which consists of only eight episodes.

If you’ve missed the phenomenon, Shadow and Bone is a 19th-century fantasy series set in a world inspired by the Russian Tsar. Two countries are separated by an area called “The Fold”, where demonic creatures live that kill anyone who tries to cross it.

The Fold was created by a powerful “Grisha” (people with power are called that) and no one has managed to destroy it since. A young woman will discover that she has the power to control light. This is the first time such an ability has been observed and it could allow him to destroy the Fold …

The first opinions on Shadow And Bone are all very positive, readers of the literary saga and subscribers who discover this world are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fiction. Not surprisingly, the series is currently the most popular in the world on Netflix. If you’re still not sure, watch the first episode and you won’t be able to stop.

Enjoy every episode because season 2 won’t be online for at least a year …

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