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Shadow and Bone: Explanations of Grisha’s types and their powers!

May 4, 2021

Discover the explanations of all the Grisha and their different powers in Shadow and Bone!

Shadow and bone is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about Grisha and her powers, keep reading! The Grisha from Shadow and Bone They have a wide range of powers, and the color of their kefta reveals the type of magic they wield. The kefta, the long embroidered coat worn by the Grisha, indicates service in the Second Army, the elite military force of the Grisha of Ravka. All the Grisha Wear it when training at Little Palace and serving in the military.

Keftas are bulletproof, specially made by Fabrikators for use in battle. Throughout the series, the kefta made it difficult to sacrifice a Grisha with a gun. The kefta is worn over clothing that resembles that of an average Ravkan peasant, as General Kirigan demands that the Grisha imitate the peasants even if they live in luxury.

The different Grisha Orders

In the world of Shadow and bone, the Grisha do not consider their abilities to be magical. They prefer to call science grisha magic. They can manipulate different elements and materials at the molecular level. This distinguishes Little Science from merzost, real magic, which feeds on the user’s life to create something out of nothing, a highly dangerous and volatile practice.

There are three orders of Grisha: Corporalki, Etherealki, and Materialki. The Corporalki are the order of the living and the dead, who can manipulate the human body. Etherealki are summoners who can manipulate natural elements. Materialki, also known as Fabrikators, can handle materials such as steel, glass, and chemicals. Each order has a particular color of kefta embroidered to indicate their skill. Within these orders are a wide range of Grisha’s powers.

Summoners of Light and Dark

The summoners of light are a grisha type so rare in Shadow and bone that this power was considered a myth. Alina Starkov is the first known Summoner of the Light. It can bend and manipulate light, even summoning the heat of the sun. His power might be the only way to destroy the Fold, as his light is the opposite of the darkness that forms the Fold. Since it is a summoner that is based on natural elements, it is an Etherealki.

The Summoner of Darkness is another rare instance among the Grisha from Shadow and Bone, a kind of Etherealki that can manipulate darkness and shadow. The only known Shadow Summoners are the family of General Kirigan, also known as Darkling. In addition to summoning shadows to cast darkness, Kirigan can solidify those shadows to perform the Slash, slicing through targets like a blade, though other types of Grisha can also use the Slash with enough power and focus. Shadow Summoners are also living amplifiers that can increase the abilities of other Grisha by touching them.


Healers are the opposite of teachers of the heart, capable of using their power over the body to heal and repair wounds. They are extremely important in the dangerous environment of the military. And they appear frequently in Shadow and bone When death is at stake In the series, the healer Luda is able to heal wounds immediately after they have been inflicted, allowing someone to continue fighting without hindrance.


The Heartrenders or teachers of the heart in Shadow and bone They are Grisha from Corporalki who can damage internal organs, for example by slowing or speeding up the heart, removing air from the lungs, slowing healing, or influencing emotions by manipulating chemicals in the body. They are the most feared and beloved Grisha of the Second Army.

However, their target must be in their crosshairs, and anything that obscures their vision will render them helpless. Nina Zenik, along with General Kirigan’s trusted soldiers Ivan and Fedyor, are the most notable Heartrenders in Shadow and bone.


Inferni are Etherealki that can collect combustible particles in the air to start and control fire. But they need a spark to ignite them, and they can’t start a fire with just air. Inferni of the Second Army carry flints that they use to create sparks.


Tailors are an unusual type of Corporalki Grisha in Shadow and Bone, capable of changing the appearance of a person by being inspired by the colors and textures of materials. The best tailors can change a person’s entire face to look like someone else. Genya is one of the few known tailors. Tailors combine the capabilities of the Corporalki and the Materialki, and are located on the border between the two orders.


Squallers are versatile Etherealki that can manipulate the air. They can control the wind and change air pressure to direct the wind through a ship’s sails, push sand skiffs through the Crease, and launch objects and people. The best Squallers, like Zoya, can also manipulate acoustics through their air.

Creating silence or allowing sound to travel further. Squallers have the ability to summon lightning, but they rarely use it due to its unpredictability. In the Second Army, they are forbidden to summon lightning bolts.

grisha powers


Tidemakers are the latest type of Etherealki, which can control water. Even if Shadow and bone currently does not feature any main character who is a Tidemaker, they are powerful Grisha in the books. In the Six of Crows series, the Tidal Council is a secret group of tidal creators who have a lot of influence in Ketterdam.

They control the tides in the port of Ketterdam, allowing them to limit entry and exit from the city or close the port entirely. They also keep the tide high to cover the land bridge connecting Kerch to Shu Han. In the past, they flooded the city when they were angry.


Durasts is Materialki Grisha that can handle solid materials like metal, glass and stone. They can change the shape and composition of materials, move objects in the air, and absorb materials from a person’s body. David is the main Durast in Shadow and bone, and uses her ability to create inventions like Alina’s Gloves to support the Grisha.


The Alkemi are Grisha Materialki who can handle chemicals, such as poisons and explosive powders. Durasts and Alkemi are rarely distinguished from each other and are often simply called Fabrikators. Even if Shadow and bone Still not introducing Alkemi, they play a bigger role in later stories, like the plot of jurda parem, a Grisha-enhancing drug, in Six of Crows.

The Grisha have already accomplished impressive feats in Shadow and bone, but the coming seasons will surely expand the range of Grisha under the projectors.