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Shadow and Bone: Discover the world map in detail!

May 4, 2021

Discover all the information about the map of Shadows and Bones in detail! Ravka, Fjerda, Shu Han, Kerch, Novyi Zem, The Wandering Island!

Shadow and bone is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about him shadow and bone card, keep reading! Netflix posted a interactive map of the world of Shadow and bone, allowing fans to revisit Ravka, Ketterdam, and the rest of the Grishaverse. The fantasy series, based on Leigh Bardugo’s best-selling novels, was a quick success for Netflix, receiving praise from critics, newcomers and longtime fans. To get the novels that will inspire the next seasons of one of Netflix’s best series, Click here ! Other, To enjoy the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, it’s here.

Although it deals extensively with supernatural phenomena, the universe of Shadow and bone it is far from ordinary fantasy. Bardugo used 19th century imperial Russia as the main inspiration for the Ravka nation, rather than turning to medieval styles that are often used in the genre. The series uses revolvers and repeating rifles instead of sabers.

The interactive map of Shadow and Bone from Netflix

Which introduces some light steampunk elements while still being anchored in a certain historical realism. The world that Bardugo built is one of the main reasons his novels are so popular, and this world has been successfully portrayed to Netflix on Shadow and Bone. To find out where the series was filmed, read this.

TO interactive map of the Grishaverse was released by Netflix, allowing fans to explore the various cities and scenic spots of Ravka, Kerch, and the rest of the world from Shadow and bone. It’s a fun way for new fans to learn more about the world. Or for longtime readers to see how Netflix has adapted the bardugo card. Check out the official Shadow and Bone world map here.

Much of the plot of Shadow and bone It is based on Ravka’s long war with Fjerda and Shu Han. However, the characters in Six of Crows are originally from Kerch. And other countries are mentioned as the countries of origin or escape routes of the many characters of Shadow and bone. While the series often has few benchmarks for the Map places and cultures in his universe, moving rapidly from one country to another, Grishaverse’s books can supplement this information for viewers who have not read the books of Shadow and bone.


Ravka, the main draw of Shadow and bone, is a monarchy located between Fjerda and Shu Han. And the three nations have long been at war along their ever-changing borders. Ravka has two armies: the First Army, made up of ordinary soldiers. And the Second Army, the Grisha forces led by General Kirigan.

The nation’s capital is Os Alta, where the residence of the Grand Palace of the royal family and the residence and training ground of the Small Palace of the Second Army are located. Leigh Bardugo drew inspiration from 18th century Czarist Russia for many aspects of Ravka’s politics, culture, language, and aesthetics.

Ravka is home to most of the Grisha, who are usually discovered as children by traveling Grisha testers and brought to the Little Palace to train as members of the Second Army. The Grisha have been hunted in Ravka in the past, but are now considered elite members of society due to their importance as soldiers in the Ravka Wars. To know all the types of Grisha and their powers, read this.

Since the Fold isolated the country. Most of the latter were cut off from the western port cities of Ravka, forcing the Ravkans to carry dangerous supplies across the Fold. Because West Ravka has been separated for so long, some West Ravkans want to separate and form an independent nation, a movement led by General Zlatan in the series.

Ravka is also the regular home of the Suli, a nomadic people who often work as carnival performers and fortune-tellers. Inej and Zoya are Suli in Shadow and bone. The Ravkans and Suli revere the saints, martyr figures who often performed miracles or died for their faith. And Alina Starkov is considered by many to be a living Saint due to her incredibly rare sun summoning power. And of its potential to destroy the Fold and bring liberation to its people.


Fjerda is the frozen nation north of Ravka, inspired by Scandinavia. The Fjerdans believe that the Grisha are dangerous witches and send their witch-hunting soldiers, called Drüskelle, to capture the Grisha and deliver them to Fjerda for trial and execution. The capital of Fjerda is Djerholm, where the seat of the nobility, the Court of Mirrors, is located. The ice rink is an important setting in Six of Crows, as Kaz Brekker and the Crows were hired to carry out a heist on the Fjerdan fortress.

The Fjerdans worship the god Djel, who they believe built the ice rink and works through the ash trees, which are sacred to the Fjerdans. According to religious custom, the Fjerdans are generally buried in the roots of an ash tree. Fjerdan society also has strict traditions when it comes to gender roles and dating. Women stay at home while men perform public functions in society.


The island nation of Kerch is home to Kaz Brekker and the Ravens, who battle for control of the criminal underworld of their capital, Ketterdam. Kerch did not take sides in the war between Ravka, Fjerda, and Shu Han, as the Kerch culture prioritizes money and trade above all else. The Southern Colonies, the lands south of Novyi Zem, also now belong to Kerch.

The Kerche worship Ghezen, the god of commerce and commerce, and regard work and commerce as a form of worship. The main place of worship in Ketterdam is the Barter Church, built in the shape of Ghezen’s hand. Although slavery is technically illegal in Kerch. Slavers continue to sell people to the wealthy merchants of Kerch under a predatory contract that binds them to a merchant until their debt is paid. Kerch draws inspiration from several real historical parallels, such as the 18th century Dutch Republic, New York, Las Vegas, and Victorian London.

Novyi Zem

Novyi Zem is a large nation located opposite Ravka and Fjerda on the map. Between the settlements south of Kerch and the Wandering Isle. It is inspired by historical colonies such as the United States and Australia. The separation of the vast True Sea has kept Novyi Zem out of conflict in the middle of the world, allowing it to prosper thanks to a nation of tough but hard-working people.

As a young and dynamic country with an extensive border. Novyi Zem has become a haven for those fleeing war and persecuted people, including the Grisha. The Zemeni are known to cultivate jurda, a harmless stimulant.

shadow and bone map

Shu han

Shu Han is the nation south of Ravka, a country dedicated to scientific and technological advancement. Shu Han’s name is taken from a royal historical Chinese state. And Bardugo turned to China and Mongolia to influence the Shu. In the series, Alina Starkov is half Shu, making her an enemy of Ravka due to the war between the two countries.

Shu Han is separated from Ravka by a mountain range. This prevented Ravka from attacking on the border, but it is connected to the island of Kerch by land bridges. The country is a matriarchal monarchy, ruled by a queen. The Ravkan government accused the Shu of treating their Grisha inhumanely. Including subjecting them to experiments and dissecting them to find the source of their magic and power.

The Wandering Island

The Wandering Island is located north of Novyi Zem, across the dangerous Bone Road from Fjerda. It is inspired by Ireland, and its inhabitants, known as Kaelish, are generally pale and red. Little is known about this location compared to other locations in the Grishaverse, other than that it is said to be run by a military commander and rumors have it that the Kaelish consider Grisha blood to be a panacea and death for their precious blood.