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Sexify Season 1: All the information about actresses on Netflix!

April 30, 2021

Find all the information about Sexify actresses on Netflix! Instagram, etc.

Sexify is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about actors and actresses, keep reading! Netflix may be best known for its hit original series, but part of what makes the platform so great is its commitment to bringing content to viewers around the world. Featuring dozens of international films, little-known award-winning indie titles and so many series

The options are endless for those who are ready to start captioning. Polish comedy Sexify, currently streaming on the platform, shows that the platform is not ready to curb its top-of-the-line international acquisitions. To learn all about the season 2 launch, read this. If you are watching the series and want to know everything about the Sexify actors and actresses on Netflix and in particular where to follow them in Instagram, keep reading!

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Who are the actresses of Sefixy on Netflix? Instagram, etc.

With a new series that promises an innovative plot, Netflix Sexify began streaming on the platform on April 28, 2021. Sexify shows three actresses in the lead roles of the Polish comedy-drama series!

Aleksandra Skraba plays the role of Natalia, a studious and intelligent young woman. She wants to enter and win an intercollegiate app creation contest to make her dream of becoming a software developer come true. She must have an innovative idea to stand out in the competition and potentially be declared a winner. To pursue the actress on Instagram It’s here, @aleksandra_skraba !

Paulina, played by Maria Sobocinska She is a friend of Natalia in the cast of Sexify. This young student is in a relationship but not ready to settle down with her boyfriend. Help Natalia to understand the female body. Paulina and Monika help Natalia in the practical part of her project. To pursue the Sexify actress on Instagram, It’s here @marysiasobocinska !

Sandra Drzymalska plays the role of Monika, outgoing and frank in Sexify on Netflix. Her character enjoys sex and becomes one of the perfect candidates for Natalia’s project. Monika is not only one of Natalia’s friends, but also a classmate in college. To follow her on Instagram, @dreamallsky !