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Sexify: Discover the first opinions of the viewers (No spoilers)

April 29, 2021

The new original creation It only needed one day to achieve a small feat: to become the third most watched fiction in the world on Netflix (during the day of 04/29). Pretty impressive, huh? In Spain, the series ranks sixth in the top ten.

Sexify Season 1: The Discovery of Female Pleasure, But That’s Not All!

A student (Natalia) decides to code an application (as part of a university project) that will teach women how to reach orgasm. He has the brainpower to develop the app, but the problem is that he doesn’t know much about female pleasure. Natalia has a quite reserved character, which is not the best way to have a satisfactory intimate life …

Fortunately, our heroine will be able to count on Monika, a young woman who has already explored her intimacy from all angles with several couples… Natalia’s best friend will obviously support them in this project. They will create a new company that could completely change their lives.

Sexify not only explores the discovery of female pleasure, but addresses many other topics such as coming of age, self-confidence, friendship, entrepreneurship …

Therefore, it is not intended for teenagers only, but can be viewed with the family. However, expect some awkward moments if you plan to watch the series with your parents …

We also recommend that you always skip the credits, especially if you have a home theater system, as you might feel embarrassed the next time you meet your neighbors.

We leave you on the first opinions that circulate on Twitter. We have not found negative reviews yet… If you have already finished the series, you can consult our article especially dedicated to Season 2 of Sexify.