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Sex Education Season 3: Discover the first opinions of the spectators (No spoilers)

September 18, 2021

After a very (very) long wait, the third season of Sex Education has finally arrived on the famous streaming platform! The series is still watched and loved by the hundreds of millions of subscribers who are delighted to have reunited with their favorite high school students.

The new season is way above the expectations of viewers who weren’t expecting so many twists and turns. Subscribers to the streaming platform were very satisfied with the new episodes. Additionally, fans adore the pair of Ruby (Mimi Keene) and Otis (Asa Butterfield).

Subscribers to the streaming platform have been eagerly awaiting the new episodes and just one day after their release, they already want to see their favorite high school students again in season 4 of Sex Ed.

Early reviews say viewers love the evolution of Adam (Connor Swindells) and Ruby. Fans recommend 1000% to see the new season, which is impressive and full of emotions. Most subscribers want Sex Ed Part 4. Here are some reviews we saw on Twitter: