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Seraph of the End Season 3: what Netflix release date? Planned continuation?

April 17, 2021

Discover all the information about season 3 of Seraph of the End on Netflix! Release date, renewal, etc.

Seraph of the End is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about him Season 3, keep reading! Seraph of the end known as Owari no Serafu in Japanese is a dark fantasy manga. Written by Takaya Kagami with illustrations by Yamato Yamamoto and storyboards created by Daisuke Furuya. Fans were delighted with the anime adaptation.

Seraph of the end takes place in Japan in 2012 when a virus suddenly breaks out and kills anyone over the age of 13. This eradication of the majority of humanity leads to the rise of vampires who establish their dominance over the entire planet. The surviving humans are treated like cattle.

Among these survivors are Yuuichirou and Mikaela, two young orphans who decide to rebel against the vampire regime. Unfortunately, her plan fails and Mikaela sacrifices herself so that Yuuichirou can escape. A few jumps later, Yuuichirou becomes a member of the Imperial Japanese Demon Army, ready to avenge his friend’s death. After two great seasons, fans are now looking forward to the Seraph of the End season 3. To get the manga, click here.

What’s the release date for Seraph of the End season 3 on Netflix?

The second season of the anime ends with a suspense in which Kureto kills several of his own and summons the demon of destruction Abaddon. Fortunately, Yuichiro transforms into one of the seraphim of the name and turns Abaddon and many vampires and humans into pillars of salt. He and his friends escape, but promise to return to save Mirai.

So far, there is no confirmation of the Seraph Of The End season 3 release date nor of the existence of a third season. However, according to various anime news sites, fans of Seraph Of The End shouldn’t wait too long for the series to return.

Part of the reason the wait has been so long is that the first two seasons of Seraph Of The End covered virtually every issue of the manga written by Takaya Kagami. In fact, the Seraph Of The End season 3 it was not produced because there was no manga left to adapt for Wit Studio. Since then, Kagami has written more than 40 new chapters in the manga series. Seraph of the end, so there is a lot of material to adapt for a season 3 ! The Seraph of the End Season 3 release date should be repaired around spring or summer 2022 in Netflix !

Seraph from the end of season 3

What can we expect from the future?

The Seraph Of The End season 3 not yet officially confirmed. It is unclear exactly which direction the plot will take. However, if the third season follows the same path as the first two, it is likely to be largely true to the manga’s plot, with a few differences here and there.

If the Seraph Of The End season 3 It is inspired by Takaya Kagami’s manga. Fans are likely to see the arrival of high-ranking vampires from around the world converging on Japan to deal with the human uprising. Kureto Hiragi and his plans for world domination have also played an important role in the latest issues of the manga. So fans are likely to see it more in the Seraph Of The End season 3.