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Sailor Moon: Netflix prepares an animated film

May 10, 2021

The cult anime of the 1990s, Sailor Moon, returns to Netflix in a never-before-seen movie: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal, which will be available on Thursday, June 3 after a long wait. Although it was initially released in two parts in Japan, Netflix combines them into a single movie.

The streaming platform has unveiled the trailer for the animated movie that is based on the arc. Dream From the manga by Naoko Takeuchi. Follow the daily life of the Sailor Guardians as they must once again fight evil.

Within ” Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal »Our heroines must unite to fight against the enemies that threaten the Earth. The feature film will be available at Netflix June 3, 2021, you can see the trailer below:

The story takes place shortly after a total eclipse that resulted in the appearance of the Dead Moon Circus in Tokyo. Sailor Moon and her friends will have to fight with all their might to save the Earth from this mysterious darkness that seems to threaten humanity.

While you are waiting to discover the first images of the feature film, know that Netflix recently released the first teaser for Arcane (the League Of Legends adaptation).