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Robbers: the explosive French original series comes to Netflix

September 23, 2021

If you knew the feature film “Braqueurs” created by Julien Leclercq and released in theaters in 2016, you will be happy because the director returns with his masterpiece on Netflix, but this time in series form.

Rest assured that the speech in the series will not be the same as the one in the movie. And for those of you who haven’t seen the movie, if you like action scenes, chases, or adrenaline-fueled fiction in general, you won’t be disappointed!

This is not the director’s first attempt at the streaming platform. In fact, Julien Leclercq has already produced two movies for Netflix (The sentinel and the earth and the blood) and relied on an interview to thank collaborating with the company in the big N:

I felt on the same wavelength with Netflix when it comes to references, pacing, casting, lights, everything. What I like about Netflix is ​​its immediacy. It suits me with my work rhythm, I am a great worker.

On this occasion, Julien Leclercq took up his 2016 film Braqueurs and decided to be inspired by it and serially adapt it for the streaming platform with the red logo. For this, he was accompanied by screenwriter Hamid Hlioua.

Sami Bouajila once again immerses himself in organized crime, but this time it will not be in the form of a feature film but as a series. But this time, Sami will step into the shoes of the thief Sami Bouajila to save his niece, kidnapped by a very dangerous gang. Accompanied by his elite team, Sami will not let these dealers get away with it!

One thing is certain, the trailer promises us explosiveness and adrenaline in each episode of the first season of the Robbers series, which will soon land on Netflix.

To the cast of Robbers

In the main roles, we find the very charismatic actor Sami Bouajila (A Son, Natives, Paradise Beach) who will play the role of Yanis Zeri, the seasoned thief, who already played this role in the 2016 film.

We will find Tracy Gotoas by his side (Neuilly his mother, his mother! , Over the clouds) as well as Samuel Jouy (A French, Zone Blanche, Burn Out) and Nabiha Akkari (My worst heartbreak, Candice Renoir, Alphonse President).

What is the release date of the Robbers series on Netflix?

The new French original series will be published on Netflix this Friday, September 24. The first season of the Robber series will consist of six episodes of approximately 45 minutes. See you on Friday at 9:01 am to discover the invisible episodes of the original creation.

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