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Robbers Season 1: Ending Explained! Shainez and Hassan are they dead?

September 25, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 1 of Robbers on Netflix!

Robbers is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! Mehdi and Liana missed the mission to rescue Shainez. Sofia gives the location of the rescued girl and Chris’s contract killers manage to get there before Mehdi and kill her and her team. To find out if a season 2 will see the light of day, read this.

Meanwhile, Saber carries the mortally wounded Hassan to safety before killing him. The troubled relationship between the two characters eventually ends with the death of the drug lord, making Saber the next man to ascend the throne. If you have any questions about Robbers season 1 finale, we explain everything to you with more peace of mind!

Robbers season 1 finale explained on Netflix

The central story arc revolves around the kidnapping movie trope of Shainez, kidnapped by gangsters. Mehdi and Liana form an evil duo and wreak havoc to find her. The various stories in the series relate to the theme of family, and when the lives of loved ones are threatened, there are not many who are not concerned.

Thanks to Mehdi, Tony, and the diverse multi-ethnic team of burglars and break-ins, they finally got Shainez back. the season 1 finale of Robbers. Shainez and Liana plan to flee to Montreal, but this plan does not go as planned. Shainez has to stay invisible for a while, and his Aunt Anissa is more than happy to help him.

Meanwhile, Sofia reveals the location of the “rescued girl” to Chris, and Chris’s hitman arrives on the scene before Mehdi can get there. When Mehdi and Liana arrive at the scene, the act was committed a long time ago and Shainez is definitely dead.

thieves season 1 finale

Hassan, is he dead?

Hassan trusts Sofia, but she wants nothing but power, and she is ready to betray the Patriarch and side with the enemy. Sofia believes that she can play all the games and get out of the game unscathed, and in the midst of the massacre, she comes out stronger than ever. To End of Thieves season 1, Sofia reveals to Saber her plan to expand the empire.

In the end, he stands out as the guiding voice of the family in the absence of a superior. His path to glory is not entirely smooth. Chris betrays the pact and kidnaps Sofia with the drug factory. Liana regroups with Mehdi. When Mehdi finds Sofia, he first wants to attack her because, after all, she is a Djeblis. But Sofia is pregnant anyway, and Mehdi leaves her alive, only for Chris to shoot her in the next moment. Liana and Tony take him to the hospital and flee the scene before the police arrive.

They return to Chris’s property and threaten him just before the police raid his home. However, one may wonder what happens to Hassan. Hassan is entitled to his fate, but unexpectedly, neither Chris nor Sofia slaughter him. Rather, the son attacks the father in a reconstruction of the Freudian archetype.

Sofia changes her mind and Saber struggles to confront her with her involvement in Hassan’s death. But Sofia already has a hunch and forgives Saber for her act. Together, they plan to expand their activity in Antwerp and throughout Europe.