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Rising Titans 2 Trollhunters: What Netflix Release Date?

July 22, 2021

Discover all the information about Trollhunters Rise of the Titans 2 on Netflix! A planned sequel?

Rise of the Titans Trollhunters is available on Netflix! If you want to know when Troll Hunters Rise of the Titans 2 is released, keep reading! Released on Netflix in July 2021, Rise of the Titans is a feature film that links the previous three Tales of Arcadia series: Trollhunters, 3Below, and Wizards. Produced by Dreamworks Animation, the film features the same stunning 3D animation and features the same cast of actors as the previous series.

In the first series, Troll hunters, viewers discover Arcadia Oaks, a seemingly typical suburban city that is also home to trolls, aliens, and wizards. In all three series, Jim Lake, the troll hunter, works alongside his friends Toby and Claire, the trolls and aliens Blinky Aja, Krell and Varvatos Vex, and the wizard Douxie, to protect Arcadia from all manner of threats. In Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans, these Guardians of Arcadia face their greatest threat as they fight an ancient magical order that wants to destroy and remake the world. We tell you all about him Launch of Rise of the Titans 2 Trollhunters !

What is the release date of Trollhunters Rise of the Titans 2 on Netflix?

DreamWorks Animation turned the book back into an animated movie, but Netflix visualized the story as a CGI animated series. Thus was born the first series of the franchise, Tales of Arcadia. The rest is history. After spawning three series, several novels, a video game, and a feature film to top it all, the series has long established itself in the children’s television series segment, pushing boundaries with its epic scale of storytelling.

However, the movie apparently marks the end of the great franchise. Del Toro himself has suggested that his initial idea was to create a magical universe in the first series and expand it in subsequent spin-offs.

The stories of the three series often collide, as we see an earlier moment from another character’s perspective. The idea of ​​the creator of the series was to end the narrative with a feature film, where the characters of the three series would come together for a great battle.

The battle shown in the film is without a doubt one of the most exciting in the franchise. And the ending of the film also leaves avenues for further exploration. To find out all about the ending of the movie, read this.

Therefore, although the film closes the epic saga, it leaves open avenues for further exploration. It would certainly be interesting to see how Toby handles the holy obligation this time. It is also possible to create spin-offs that take place in totally different worlds and introduce new characters to the universe. All things considered, it seems highly unlikely that Rise of the Titans 2 Troll Hunters be ready soon.

titans awaken trolls hunters 2

What can we expect from the sequel to Rise of the Titans Trollhunters?

Jim, of course, remembers the original Tales of Arcadia timeline and has already started working to make sure things go the same way, but also differently. The fact that he pushed Toby to become the troll hunter, as well as the initial reason he reset the timeline, which was to save those who died in the fight against the Arcane Order, already indicates that Jim made her. have. not everything turns out exactly as before.

Reviewing moments from the series not only from a different perspective but also with a completely different protagonist would be really interesting if Tales of Arcadia continued.

But after building such a fascinating world, it might be more interesting to explore beyond Arcadia. Although the city is the center of the universe, magic can exist in other places and there are many parts of this planet that could serve as the setting for a new story.