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Rick and Morty Season 5: Episodes will not resume sooner …

August 17, 2021

We’ve been waiting every Monday for several weeks to get our Rick and Morty fix. Season 5 has aired on Adult Swim since June 20, 2021.

Every Sunday an episode is added in its original version at 11 pm (New York time) before being available on Vostfr (original version with French subtitles) the next day at 5 am in Spain on Adult Swim.

Therefore, episode 8 of season 5 was published on Monday, August 9, but nothing! Has there been a computer error? A problem linked to the health crisis? Not at all, Adult Swim just decided to take a break.

So yes, we will have to wait a long time, but know that the last two episodes of Rick and Morty season 5 will be released on the same day! Prepare your agendas: Episodes 9 and 10 of season 5 will air on Sunday, September 5, 2021 !

If you are not bilingual, please note that the release date for the last two episodes of Vostfr will be Monday, September 6, 2021. Episode 9 will be titled: ” Forgetting Sarick Mortshall “And episode 10:” Rickmurai Jack. “.

Perhaps both episodes share the same story that couldn’t be told in just 25 minutes. At the moment we do not have information about the final episodes and it is very possible that Adult Swim wants to stay with the surprise.

As a reminder, if you want to check out Rick and Morty season 5, the latter is available exclusively on Adult Swim. You can contract a monthly subscription without obligation on the Molotov site that will give you unlimited access to the content of Adult Swim and Toonami. The price is only € 2.99 / month.