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Ragnarok Season 2: Netflix Series Ending Explained!

May 28, 2021

Check out the final explanation of Ragnarok season 2 on Netflix!

Ragnarok is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about the end of season 2, keep reading! Compared to the first episode of Ragnarok, the season 2 The Netflix series presents a much greater challenge for Magne, who must grapple with what it means to take on the role of Thor. Find out all the information about the launch of a third season here.

After colliding with Vidar in the Season 1 finale, the two collide again in Episode 3 and Magne manages to get ahead, killing Vidar in the process. This experience casts doubt on Magne, who thinks killing is wrong and prays for his powers to be taken away, which is done at the end of episode 4. This turns out to be a problem for Magne when Fjor takes the helm. from Industrias Jutul and takes a new aggressive approach, also claiming his father’s deadly ax.

Magne is left without an answer when Fjor manages to easily defeat him in a fight and returns to ask Wotan for help, learning that he will have to betray his brother Laurits if he wants to regain his powers. In fact, Laurits, who was the secret son of Vidar Jutul, received a key from Saxa, a key that will be crucial for Magne to regain his powers. To find out Ragnarok Season 2 Ending Explanation!

Ragnarok season 2 ending explained

A lot is happening in a short time in the Ragnarok season 2 finale. Magne discovers Laurits’ tapeworm, which we finally see. And Laurits is uneasy when he sees Jens kissing another man and has to watch Iman kiss Harry, now with only one arm. Turid gets a job at Spar, while Fjor publicly announces that Jutul Industries may have to move to Asia rather than face the government’s proposed restrictions.

This is enough to remove most of the proposed restrictions. What infuriates Magne so much that the lights flicker? It seems his powers have returned. Magne finally realizes that he must regain his powers and, with the help of Imam and Wotan, breaks into the old Jutul Industries factory where the family hides the Eternal Flame. He uses the flame to forge his hammer and finally regains his powers.

He returns home just in time to see his brother being mugged by Ran and Fjor. Angry, Magne throws his newly forged hammer, splitting his car in two. However, the giants survive. As the two camps prepare to fight, the Ragnarok Season 2 ends with Laurits unleashing her sinister-looking pet, a gigantic tapeworm that gave birth to the sea.

What character is a god?

Along with ancient Norse mythology, the story of Ragnarok it continues to accumulate until the fateful eponymous event, which destroys the world. The city of Edda is described as the site of the Ragnarok original or great battle between giants and gods. With the Giants’ camp established early on as the Jutul family, as the series progresses, we see more and more hidden or sleeping gods joining Magne’s camp. While the fact that Magne is channeling Thor, the God of Thunder, with his hammer always finding its target, is pretty clear.

Laurits, Magne’s brother, is a half-giant born from the encounter between the giant Vidar and Magne’s mother, Turid. Increasingly, he is seen following the myth of Loki and becoming that half giant, half god, half giant whose loyalty remains perpetually uncertain.

Also, after Wenche’s death, Wotan is revealed to be Odin, the Norse god of war and Thor’s father. Like Odin, who gave an eye in exchange for great wisdom, Wotan is also one-eyed. He also designates Magne as his son, and it should be noted that Magne’s true father is rarely shown.

Other potential gods who have revealed their powers but remain unexplored to this day include Imam, who can influence people’s minds. Signy, a high school girl in Magne, also appears to be aware of the impending battle, though her powers have yet to be revealed. The dwarf doctor who works at the health center is also described as a dark elf and helps Magne forge his hammer, much like the elves who helped forge Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer.

ragnarok season 2 finale

What is the role of the snake?

We then move on to see Laurits release the tapeworm, now confirmed as Jörmungandr, and let her escape. The intention is to allow him to reach the giant size he was always meant to be, so that he is ready to fight Magne in the future. To ragnarok season 2 finale Before releasing it, Laurits is seen muttering in ancient language “Grow up well.”

In Norse mythology, the serpent brought into the world by Loki named Jörmungandr is a huge serpent that grows large enough to encircle the earth. The greatest and most famous of all monsters, he is eventually killed by Thor during Ragnarok, but manages to fatally poison the god in the process.