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Ragnarök Season 2: Discover the first opinions of the spectators (No spoilers)

May 29, 2021

The second season of Norwegian fiction has hit the streaming platform and is likely to be a huge success. Indeed, the first part of the series had imposed itself in the ranking of the most viewed content on Netflix for several weeks.

The original Norwegian production created by Adam Price is a mixture of fantasy, ecological problems and Norse mythology. Ragnarök takes us to a small town lost in the heart of the Norwegian countryside, called Edda, where the inhabitants live under a real threat caused by climate change and global warming.

According to Allociné, the average viewer score is 3.7 / 10 while ImdB is 7.5 / 10. According to early reviews, subscribers to the streaming platform love the series and wholeheartedly want its renewal.

The six new episodes are very captivating and meet the expectations of the fans. Therefore, fiction is always the same and all viewers are looking forward to season 3. Here are some opinions from the thousands that we have seen on Twitter: