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Queen of the South Season 5: Explained the end of the series!

June 10, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 5 of Queen of the South!

Queen of the South is available on Netflix ! If you want to know everything about him end of season 5, keep reading! The series finale Queen of the South, written by showrunners Benjamin Lobato and Dailyn Rodríguez, follows the sequence of events after Teresa’s murder. The newcomer Samara recounts the moment of Teresa’s death to the officials and says goodbye to Pote, who attends the cremation of his friend and decides to return to Culiacán to scatter his ashes.

Meanwhile, James sends Devon photos of Teresa’s body in the morgue, confirming that he has kept his end of the deal. In New Orleans, Boaz wasted no time taking control of Teresa’s home, business, and bar as she got closer to Devon. Although Teresa is no longer in the game, Pote, Kelly Ann, and James still pose a threat to Boaz’s new power.

While some of Devon’s men search for James and Pote in Culiacán, Boaz’s team searches for Kelly Ann, who quickly escapes from the suburbs to a motel where she hopes to meet Pote. To discover Queen of the South season 5 finale explained, keep reading!

Time jump

47 months later. Chicho picks up Pote. He left for good behavior. He wants to eat, then find Boaz and kill him. Boaz knows he’s out and he’s looking for him too. Call Dumas. He seems a little worried about his life. Dumas visits Pote to tell him that Boaz is coming to his bar. When Dumas leaves, they encounter a shootout. They get Chicho who forces Pote to come looking for him. Boaz is with him. Buddy arrives. Boaz’s men take turns beating him while Boaz laughs. Pote challenges him to a knife fight.

queen of the south season 5 finale

Queen of the South season 5 finale explained

To Queen of the South season 5 ends, Pote and Boaz challenge each other with a knife. They seriously injure each other with their attacks and it looks like Bro is done for. That’s when he manages to trip Boaz and stab him one last time, leaving him to die on the floor of the great mansion.

Pote is ready to go, but before he does, he hands the keys to the beautiful property to Dumas. Although we do not know the exact location, Pote is seen next on a white sand beach where he meets a girl who is his daughter. Kelly Anne shows up shortly after to greet her after being picked up from the motel by James.

He is there too, as is Teresa, who has been in hiding all this time. Before leaving for Belize, they had devised a plan to make Devon believe that she was really dead and that everything that happened afterwards was part of that elaborate plan. Buddy insists that all the details have been worked out and the five of them sit down to dinner together, knowing that they are finally safe.