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Pokémon The Travels Season 2: What Netflix Release Date?

July 1, 2021

Discover all the information about season 2 of Pokémon The Travels on Netflix! Release date, episode 49, season 24, etc.

Pokemon Les Voyages is available on Netflix! If you want to know When will season 2 be released?, keep reading! Pokémon appeared as Red and Green, two video games released in 1996. They started a media franchise that would later take the world by storm. Since then, there have been 24 movies, more than 1,100 episodes, 76 video games, and since last year 890 pocket monsters that fictional trainers must find, befriend, and fight.

In the U.S, Pokemon Travel launches as a streaming TV season that premiered from June 12, 2020 to March 5, 2021 on Netflix. This season follows the adventures of Ash and new protagonist Goh as they journey through the eight regions of the Pokémon franchise, including the new Galar region of Pokémon Sword and Shield. As a result, the final part of the games appears earlier, rather than taking a few seasons. Thus, the series was freed from the box in which it was located until the Sun and Moon arc. We tell you all about him Pokémon the Travels Season 2 released on Netflix !

What is the release date of season 2 of Pokémon The Travels on Netflix?

The first season was launched on July 1, 2021 on Netflix in Spain. In the US, all 48 episodes are currently available to stream as of March 5, 2021, with additional episodes airing quarterly. The United States decided to divide the seasons into 4 parts of 12 episodes, when we received them all a few months later.

About Pokémon season 2 travels to SpainIt is difficult to know if we will adapt to the US format and then we will receive the first 12 episodes by October 2021 or if we will have to wait until next summer to have the entirety of Season 2. Pokémon Les Voyages Season 2 release date on Netflix in Spain it will be for October 2021 or for the summer of 2022!

pokemon travel season 2

What can we expect from the future?

Pokemon Travel it’s technically Pokémon season 23. And Season 23 of Pokémon is very unusual, as it has already been confirmed that it will have 75 episodes, which is about 20 more than usual. It has already been confirmed that Pokémon Season 24 will be called Pokemon Master Journeys and that it will launch in the summer of 2021 in Japan.