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Pokemon The Travels Part 1: What Netflix Release Date?

June 29, 2021

Discover all the information about Pokémon The Travels Part 1 on Netflix! Date and time of departure, etc.

Pokémon The Travels Part 1 will soon be available on Netflix! If you want to know When will Part 1 be released?, keep reading! The past year has seen a huge increase in the popularity of the Pokémon anime. In particular, Pokemon the ride has been incredibly successful in Netflix, quickly becoming one of the most popular additions to Netflix’s library in 2020. This new series is a great starting point for new fans of the series, as we reunited with Ash Ketchum for season 23 of the hit series Pokemon.

In those earlier series, Ash lived in the Alola Islands while attending Pokémon School, taking part in challenges on the islands, and learning the power of “Z hits.” When the series ended, Ash returned to Pallet Town with his mother to search for a new adventure.

In Pokémon Journeys Part 1, Ash is working as an investigator for Professor Cherry at his new research facility in Vermilion City, with an entirely new character, Goh. The two men undertake numerous investigations assigned by the professor in an attempt to learn as much as possible about Pokémon. We tell you all about him Pokémon the Journey Part 1 released on Netflix !

What is the release date and time of Pokémon The Journey Part 1 on Netflix?

The wait is no longer very long, Pokémon Voyage Part 1 release date was set for July 1, 2021 on Netflix in Spain. For those who wish to watch the series compulsively. Pokémon Voyage Part 1 release time it was set at midnight in Spain.

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What can we expect from the anime?

This season’s management has apparently decided to hit the show’s plot reset button. The first episode is a flashback to a time when all of our main characters were children, but the focus is on Pikachu.

The series has other elements added, such as the location. In previous seasons, the focus was on a specific region, while in this series, the two characters travel to multiple regions during each episode. During these adventures, the two characters travel to the Galar region, first seen in Pokémon Sword and Shield, to witness the event known as “Dynamax,” during which Pokémon temporarily grow to gigantic size. Later in the series, a Pokémon even becomes “Gigantimax”, which left my children speechless.