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Passenger 4: Explanation of the end! Who is dead ?

April 23, 2021

Discover the explanation of the ending of The Passenger N ° 4 on Netflix! Who died or survived?

Passenger # 4 is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of Le Passager N ° 4, keep reading! This sci-fi thriller was directed by Joe Penna, who also co-wrote the script with Ryan Morrison. Passenger N ° 4 is Penna’s second film after the 2018 survival thriller Arctic.

The story of Passenger N ° 4Find four people on a ship heading to Mars with increasingly scarce resources and a lot of difficult decisions. The story is pretty simple, but if you can’t wait to get to the end of Passenger N ° 4 And to have explanations about who survives and who died, we tell you everything! Before that, if you want to know everything about a possible sequel, read this.

Explanation of the end of Le Passager N ° 4

Zoe appears as the heroine of Passenger No. 4 in the penultimate moments. The courage you show in the face of adversity is, to say the least, inspiring. And while taking care of his fellow travelers, he outshines them all in his emotional quotient. Zoe is a doctor by trade who applied for the space mission because she thought that being rejected by Hyperion would be a funny anecdote.

In the claustrophobic space of the shuttle, she is a breath of fresh air. Moved by Michael’s story, she fights for her life to the end. It is also evident that she is the smartest and most creative person on the ship. The idea of ​​accessing the Kingfisher’s oxygen was Zoe’s idea, and when the algae die, they have no choice but to carry out Zoe’s plan. Before Zoe could fill the second bottle. A solar storm warning threatens their lives and they rush back to MTS. After a free fall along the rope, Zoe hits the outer wall of the ship and loses the bottle.

The crew is devastated, but Zoe, still optimistic, is not ready to abandon humanity. He makes another trip to the other side and brings the cylinder back. But the solar radiation penetrated his body and red patches of scars formed on his face. In an anti-climatic denouement, the final shot shows Zoe waiting for her last moment as she enjoys waves of green-hued radiation. As the sequence recalls her voice-over speeches, it seems that Zoe is portrayed as the martyr of this space drama.

To end of Passenger N ° 4, Zoe returns to the ship with the oxygen cylinder, but does not enter, fearing to expose the others to the solar storm. Instead, he said goodbye to Toni Collette by nodding through the boat window. It is unknown why they did not communicate by radio, as they did before, when Zoe received the oxygen.

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Who died at the end of the Netflix movie?

If we don’t actually see Zoe die on screen, we’ll see that she accepts her fate. He sits staring into space as he dies from space radiation, watching the light from the retreating solar flare. Leave the oxygen cylinder on the roof of the ship and it can be assumed that Toni Collette or someone else will be able to catch it once the storm passes, meaning the three people left on the ship will survive.