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Outer Banks Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Filming,… Sequel Coming Soon?

July 30, 2021

The continuation of the Pogues’ adventures finally returns to the famous streaming platform after an endless wait! The end of the second season left us speechless without a doubt like most of the millions of fans of the original series.

With epic twists and turns throughout the second season, subscribers to the streaming platform are already asking for more. But even though we just finished the new episodes, do you know if theNetflix planned the release of Outer Banks season 3 ?

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 3 of Outer Banks (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

The series is one of the company’s most popular original creations with the red logo, and the launch of the second season has delighted the streaming platform’s millions of subscribers.

Although the second season has only been available for a few hours, fans are (already) eager to find out what awaits the Pogues at the Outer Banks season 3. Many questions remain unanswered during this new part, however the streaming giant has ordered the rest of the series ?

The creator of Outer Banks has already revealed information about season 3!

Outer Banks season 3 Sadly, it has not yet been confirmed by the famous American company. However, fans of the original creation would not be surprised to see the series extend beyond two seasons given its phenomenal success.

The first season was a real success and we suspect that the second part will suffer the same fate. Also, given the significant publicity surrounding the new episodes, we are convinced that it will be as popular as the first part.

Also, Jonas Pate (creator of the series) secretly alluded to the launch of Outer Banks season 3, declaring for a interviewSince we started, we’ve always considered it a four-season series, maybe five seasons, but definitely four seasons. “.

The series that interests John B is the only project that the creators of fiction are working on. This means they will be able to plan quickly Outer Banks season 3 whose filming it could start in the next few months. Everything seems to match so the rest of the series Be tidy!

Is the Outer Banks season 3 release date already planned by Netflix?

The filming of the second season began at the end of August 2020 and ended last April. Outer Banks season 3 Therefore, you might know of a similar organization. However, the exact dates have yet to be officially announced.

If the company with the red logo agrees to produce Outer Banks season 3 In the coming weeks, filming is likely to begin in late August or September. If there isn’t too much of a delay, we can even hope to see Sarah and John B again before next summer!

Season 3 Out of Outer Banks
© Netflix

The Outer Banks season 3 release date will likely be set for May or July 2021 on Netflix. Everything will depend on when the shooting begins and if it is not interrupted by the health crisis. We will closely follow the social networks of the actors who will undoubtedly be the first to give us the good news.

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