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Outer Banks Season 2: The Blooper is available on Youtube

August 17, 2021

The American company particularly likes to make fun of the actors of its original creations by publishing an error of the best moments of the shoot. The famous Outer Banks series is no exception to the rule and the Pogues are a joy to meet even for just a few minutes.

Attention, it’s best to have finished Outer Banks Compulsive Season 2 before seeing the bug that could spoil it. The new episodes of the adventures of John B. have once again been a real success on the streaming platform.

Season 2 of Outer Banks was eagerly awaited as the first episodes had been released during the first lockdown (in May). So we waited over a year to find out if our young heroes would finally get their treasure back.

The new episodes are under high tension and the final scene heralds a possible Outer Banks season 3. So far, Netflix has not confirmed anything but given the fictional audience, we are sure there will be a new season.

We leave you in this famous video, take advantage because we will not see the pogues again for at least a year: