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Outer Banks Season 2: Ending Explained! Ward, the Cross, Big John, etc.

July 30, 2021

Discover the explanation of the ending of season 2 of Outer Banks on Netflix! Ward dead? Cross of Santo Domingo, etc.

Outer Banks is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 2, keep reading! There is no doubt that the Outer Banks season 2 well worth the wait. The original series of Netflix came back firing at full throttle and, in the purest tradition by Outer Banks, with more twists and turns in a single episode than most shows can fit in a full season.

After the end of the first season left the future of John B and Sarah hanging in the air and the Pogues hoped to clear John B’s name, the stakes on the gold game increased more and more. Not only is the stakes higher, but the race has become much more complex.

Between a bitter fight for gold and the discovery of a long-hidden secret about another ancient artifact linked to one of our beloved Pogues, the Outer Banks season 2 resulted in an unbroken suspense, and we are still finding out what happened. To find out when season 3 will be released, read this.

Let’s take a look at all the burning questions left by the Outer Banks season 2 finale, Fast-paced and action-packed, including what’s to come for the Pogues and that super-shocking suspense no one could have seen coming.

Outer Banks season 2 finale explained!

At the end of Outer Banks season 2, Limbrey arrives at a house in a town called Bridgeport in Barbados after receiving a letter. She questions the man who opens the door for her about the health of a third individual. The man responds by saying, “Half dead for a long time.”

He shows Limbrey a cabin by the sea. Upon entering the cabin, it is revealed that Big John is alive. He tells Limbrey that he will reveal the location of the Savior’s garment in exchange for Limbrey helping his son.

The death of Big John is one of the main elements of the plot of the first season. She is also the driving force behind John’s actions throughout the series. He later learns that Ward orchestrated the series of events that led to Big John’s death and rightly blames him.

As Sarah points out, when Ward appears to die, a gleam of satisfaction appears in John’s eyes. However, despite all of this, he ends up forgiving Ward, as shown. the end of season 2. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes between Sarah and John after they find out that John’s father is alive.

John and his friends believe that Big John was dumped on a desert island after Ward threw him overboard. They think he died there. In fact, he had to be rescued by a passing ship and headed for Barbados. The body that was found on the desert island belongs to someone else. The identity of this person could be revealed in season 3.

Episode 10 of season 2 ends in Bridgeport, Barbados, where Carla enters a small house. Having received a letter about the shroud, a person wants to help her find it, but only if she helps her child. This guy? John B.

What about the cross?

The Pogues are no longer in possession of this family heirloom recently discovered by Pope. Ironically, they were never actually in possession of the Cross, even though they initially found it, but their mission to reclaim the Coastal Venture ultimately failed.

Pope decides that if the Pogues fail to seize the Cross, he will sink it to the bottom of the ocean. But in a moment of desperation, Rafe grabs the line and, with the help of the rest of the crew, they retrieve the gigantic golden cross. The Pogues watch the precious treasure return to the wrong hands and swear it is not over.

Outer Banks season 2 ending

What will become of Ward?

Ward is not dead. He tells Sarah that he faked the entire incident to protect his family, and seems to firmly believe it. He took responsibility for Peterkin’s murder to protect Rafe, as Rafe killed Peterkin to avoid his father’s arrest. When police came looking for Ward, he used the snorkel gear on his boat to escape the blast.

Ward then makes the same horrible decision as his son and tries to kill Sarah. Fortunately, John arrives on time and saves her. Big John even seems to get Sarah’s permission to kill her father. But he doesn’t go all the way, probably knowing that if he does, there will be no going back.

Season two ends with Ward a broken man, both physically and mentally. His greed, as well as his obsession with preserving the life he has built, made him a man whom he himself despises.