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Outer Banks Season 2: Discover the first opinions of the spectators (No spoilers)

July 31, 2021

Our favorite summer series is finally back! Fans of the original creation are delighted to have reunited with Sarah, John B, and the entire group of friends. The second season was explosive and captivating according to the streaming platform’s subscribers.

The plot of the second part is very popular with viewers who loved the (so many) twists and turns and excruciating suspense throughout the new episodes. The original series is a phenomenal success in Spain, fans still love fiction and are already looking forward to season 3 of Outer Banks.

The end of the second season left millions of fans of the series speechless. Some fans beg the red logo company not to wait a year for the next episodes to drop.

The new part is so popular that it ended up in the Top Trend of Twitter in Spain with more than 90,000 tweets. Here are some reviews that we saw on the twittosphere: