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Outer Banks Season 2: All the music and songs from the series!

July 31, 2021

Find the complete Outer Banks season 2 soundtrack on Netflix! Music, songs, etc.

Outer Banks is available on Netflix! If you want to find all season 2 music, keep reading! The successful series of Netflix, External banks, is known as much for its idyllic coastal setting as for its fight scenes and suspenseful situations. For a detailed explanation of the season two finale, read this.

Although the series was not filmed in the real External banksHowever, he skillfully manages to capture a sleepy city by boat, prone to heat, tropical storms, and the occasional murder cover-up. The soundtrack it’s one of the reasons OBX feels so real.

The Outer Banks season 2 pick up where things left off. Although presumed dead, John B continues to be targeted, having been charged with the murder of Sheriff Peterkin. Either way, he and Sarah track the stolen gold back to Nassau to get it back. Meanwhile, JJ, Kiara and Pope mourn their friends, before being dragged on a new treasure hunt, around an artifact called the Cross of Santo Domingo. To find the age and Instagram of the actors, read this.

The respective missions will inevitably reunite long-lost friends. Rather, they were also quickly put in contact with dangerous new enemies led by C. Limbrey. And each stage of individual and collective travel on the Outer Banks is underlined by a soundtrack really eclectic. Here is the name of each one Outer Banks season 2 song and the episode where we can listen to them.

What’s the music on Outer Banks season 2?

Episode 1

  • Left with a Gun – Skinshape
  • By the River – Lord Cobra
  • Blood from a Stone – Electric Trio by Greg Humphreys
  • Toothache – RF Shannon
  • Bad Kids – Black Lips
  • John B Sail – Blind Blake and The Royal Victoria Hotel Calypsos
  • Sandman – Broncho
  • Morning Song – The Babe Rainbow
  • Wiya Waist – The Garifuna Collective
  • Never in my wildest dreams – Dan Auerbach

Episode 2

  • Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant
  • Let in Burn – Goat
  • Do not forget – Allah-Las

Episode 3

  • How Lucky – Kurt Vile Feat. John Prine
  • King of a city on a horse – Dan Auerbach
  • Where did he go all the time? Dr. Dog

Episode 4

  • My Body – Young the Giant
  • Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver
  • Blind Owl Speaks – Natural Child
  • Paper Airplanes (DFA Remix) – MIA
  • Stuck – Noon Devils
  • I love you – Willie Griffin and company

Episode 5

  • Well Damaged – Band of Four
  • The Bride and the Bachelor – Magnolian

Episode 6

  • Man on Fire – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  • Catamaran – Allah-Las
  • The Gunman – Tommy Guerrero
  • Johnny Says Stay Cool – The Babe Rainbow
  • Pork rind – Blackfoot Gypsies
  • Strange – Celeste
Outer Banks Season 2 Music

Episode 7

  • My Lady’s on Fire ”by Ty Segall
  • Montezuma – Fleet Foxes
  • Introduction – The xx
  • Too Young to Burn – Sonny and the Sunsets
  • Heybb – binki
  • Under my tongue – Katastro

Episode 8

  • Raspberry jam – Allah-Las
  • I’m the one – Sister John
  • Something you are missing – Sun Room
  • I have no money – Peace

Episode 9

  • Boys in the Better Land – DC Sources
  • Song of the Lake – Deeper

Episode 10

  • Merúa – Umalali
  • Legalize – Black River Assembly