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Outer Banks: Is The Merchant Royal Based On A True Story?

August 2, 2021

Find out if the real Outer Banks merchant really existed in real life!

Outer Banks is available on Netflix! If you want to find all the information about the royal merchant of the Outer Banks, keep reading! It’s no secret that Netflix It has helped us stay busy during the last lockdown year with the release of some series that have garnered attention.

One of the biggest hits is undoubtedly the teen drama series, External banks. Located in North Carolina, John B. is convinced that his father’s disappearance was not a simple accident. The more he and his friends dig into the sea to find the origin of everything, the more they realize that they are not the only ones seeking the riches of the world. Royal trader.

Season 1 was an outright hit on the streaming platform, leading to the renewal of the series for a season 2 at the end of July 2020. To find all the actors and where to follow them, it’s here. If you want to know everything about him Merchant Royal in real life, keep reading!

Did the actual Outer Banks merchant really exist?

External banks give to Royal trader a rich history that is ubiquitous in today’s island tradition, but this compelling story is mostly a fabrication. the Royal trader It is not a real ship, but it is based on the Royal trader, a true 17th century shipwreck that disappeared off the coast of England with an immense treasure that has never been found.

In fact, more than 40 crew members of the Royal trader survived after being rescued by a nearby ship, while in the history of External banks, the only surviving crew member from the sinking was Denmark Tanny, a former slave who served as a cook on the ship.

the Royal trader Series Netflix He reportedly had over $ 400 million in gold at the time of his sinking, much of which Denmark Tanny used to free slaves and build his land in the External banks. On the other hand, the Royal trader rumored to have over $ 1.5 billion in gold, $ 1 million in Mexican silver, and around $ 500,000 Spanish and miscellaneous coins.

foreign banks royal merchant

the Royal trader It is one of the most valuable shipwrecks ever recorded, but the sunken ship dExternal banks Even more so since it was discovered that he carried the Cross of Santo Domingo, a 2-meter cross bathed in gold and encrusted with diamonds and jewels.

The dual presence of Captain Limbrey constitutes another real link to the Royal trader, largely fictional. During the sinking of the real Royal trader, the ship was commanded by John Limbrey, who survived the 1641 sinking. Season 2 of Outer Banks reveals that the fictional Royal Merchant was led by Captain Limbrey, who perished in the 1800 sinking along with all the passengers except Denmark Tanny. To know all the information about the launch of season 3, read this.

If he Outer Banks Royal Merchant Perhaps not a real wreck for avid treasure hunters to search in North Carolina, it is inspired by a very real shipwreck that still remains undiscovered nearly 400 years later.