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New Cherry Flavored Season 1: Ending Explained!

August 14, 2021

Watch the ending explanation for the Brand New Cherry Flavor miniseries on Netflix!

Brand New Cherry Flavor is available on Netflix! To know everything about the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! In almost every one of the eight episodes of the limited series Netflix’s new cherry flavor, the protagonist throws a live kitten. This is not an understatement. Each time, he leans back, convulses in pain, and begins to vomit until a sticky mass comes out of his mouth and crashes to the ground.

Upon closer inspection, it is still a squirming newborn kitten with wet white fur. Then a zombie surreptitiously picks up the kitten and takes it to a witch, who drinks its blood. It’s important to know all of this before diving into the show, because it’s not the craziest thing to do. Netflix’s new cherry flavor reserve us. Things are getting wilder. And considerably more disgusting.

It is not necessarily obvious from the start. Netflix’s new cherry flavor It simply begins with comparison: Director Lisa N. Nova arrives in Hollywood in the early 1990s with a shocking short film under her belt, determined to make her feature film debut. Much of the first episode is devoted to the work it takes to get noticed in Hollywood: parties, gatherings and conversations over drinks, all suspicious and bathed in an ominous light, because exploitation is in the air.

Nova then meets producer and director Lou Burke, who agrees to help her carry out her project. But he betrays her, so he asks a witch to curse him, which ends up costing more than Nova expected. If you want to know The explanation of the end of season 1 of the new cherry flavor on Netflix, we tell you everything!

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 1 Ending Explained

Lisa and Lou’s rivalry reaches a breaking point when the latter discovers that she is responsible for the death of her son and his transformation into a zombie. The two threaten to kill each other and, in an attempt to implement a hidden ceremony described by Boro, Lisa licks a poisonous toad.

Lisa confronts Boro but barely gets out of her. He then heads to Lou’s house, intending to kill him, but instead takes pity on him and helps him remove a worm from his eye. The surreal ending begins to conclude with Alvin, another wealthy Hollywood producer, offering Lisa the opportunity to direct the remake of his movie, while Lou lies helpless in the hospital. Lisa’s film actress Mary is also seen being taken under Boro’s wing and agreeing to become his assistant. The season ends when Lisa takes a one-way ticket to Brazil and announces to the woman at the box office that she is going home.

So it appears that Lisa survived her multiple brushes with death, including James fracturing her skull, licking a poisonous toad, and eventually being shot by James’ uncle. In all three situations, Boro saves her. However, when the witch pulls a bullet out of Lisa’s lung in the third case, the aspiring director realizes that Boro only saves her so she can continue to use her body for strength.

Her film, for which Lisa has initially embarked on the path of revenge, is eventually approved by wealthy producer Alvin, who reassures her that he can direct it. However, the last time we saw Lisa, she dropped the reels of her short film “Lucy’s Eye” on the bed in her Los Angeles apartment after failing Alvin and leaving the country to return to Brazil. So while there is still a chance that Alvin or another producer will find his movie extraordinary and make a long version of it, Lisa seems to have made it clear that she no longer wants to have anything to do with him.

His actress Mary also blames Lisa for using her tragic self-harm to give the film its most important ending. So it seems that Lisa finally realizes that she has destroyed too many lives by continuing her movie and decides to abandon it. Although she doesn’t say so, he may remind her of what happened the last time a Hollywood producer (Lou) promised to help her finance her project.

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Lou is Roy, are they dead?

Although Lisa has promised to kill Lou for everything he has done to her, she ultimately takes no action. The extraction leaves Lou completely blind, and this is how we see him one last time.

The promising young actor Roy, who remains involved in Lisa’s deadly plans despite his efforts to get away from them, has a truly gruesome ending. Therefore, the actor dies tragically and we see him for the last time eaten by zombies.