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New Amsterdam Season 2: Netflix release date, filming,… sequel coming soon?

July 1, 2021

Fans of the medical series who hadn’t had a chance to see the episodes on TF1 are delighted with this new addition! Dr. Max Goodwin performs wonderfully in his role as a doctor and we love the other members of the cast too.

If you like me The good doctor or Chicago MedWe’re willing to bet that fiction kept it going until the last episode. Rest assured, there are still three more seasons left, the only problem is knowing when Netflix decides to premiere season 2 of new amsterdam ?

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 2 of New Amsterdam (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

The fiction first aired in 2018 in the United States and received countless reviews and positive reviews. It also has an 8.1 / 10 rating on Imdb, an admirable rating that demonstrates the phenomenal success of the drama.

We have a lot of good news to share on the later from the article on New Amsterdam season 2. If you didn’t already know, the medical series is not produced by the company with the red logo but by the American channel NBC. Therefore, the future of fiction will depend on the American channel.

New Amsterdam Season 2: The episodes aired a long time ago!

We have the first good news for you: New Amsterdam season 2 It already aired in September 2019 in the United States. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the rest of the series It will soon be available on the streaming platform.

Since the good news never comes alone, know that there are already three seasons of the medical series that have been filmed. So we can look forward to watching Doctor Goodwin for a while longer on Netflix, much to our pleasure!

However, some obstacles stand in the way of broadcasting these upcoming seasons, notably New Amsterdam season 2 on Netflix. Indeed, in our country it is TF1 who owns the series exclusivity, so the streaming giant must wait for the French channel to give up the rights to it …

Is the premiere date of season 2 of New Amsterdam already planned by Netflix?

The streaming giant has yet to reveal it. the premiere date of season 2 of New Amsterdam in their French catalog. The broadcast date will depend on the agreements made with channel number one.

TF1 has the exclusive right to transmit New Amsterdam season 2 but since Netflix also wants to put it online in its catalog. The French channel could eventually sell the rights to the series within six months to a year in the worst case. new amsterdam season 2 release date It will therefore be in January 2021 (with a bit of luck) or next summer.

Waiting for power watch new amsterdam Season 2 on Netflix, discover the first information about the new original creation Génération 56k.