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My First Times Season 2: Find Out First Opinions From Viewers (No Spoilers)

July 16, 2021

The second season of Devi’s Adventures is finally available on the company’s streaming platform with the red logo! According to early reviews, fans are still passionate about the misadventures of our favorite teens.

Millions of subscribers to the platform were eagerly awaiting the sequel to the series, which they had loved to follow last summer. The new episodes happened again too quickly despite the five hours of viewing.

Devi and her gang of girlfriends are always so much fun, and the new misadventures excite fans who want more and more. In fact, subscribers loved watching Devi juggle Ben, the super nerd, and Paxton, the handsome stud.

The original creation is very successful in Spain because the series that follows the young high school student has already reached first place in the ranking of the most popular content in just twenty-four hours.

The ten new episodes are very popular with subscribers and exactly meet their expectations. Viewers are eagerly awaiting the third season of My First Times. Here are some reviews that we saw on the twittosphere: