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My First Times Season 2: Ending Explained!

July 15, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 2 of My early days!

My First Times is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about the explanation of the end of season 2, keep reading! At the beginning of the Season 2 of My Early Times, the main question that all the spectators were asking revolved around one thing: Who did Devi choose? If you want to know when Season 3 will be released, read on!

After the end of season 1 of My first times, Devi’s state of personal affairs has been put on hold forever. After scattering her father’s ashes into the ocean, Devi joined Ben in his car for a long-awaited kiss. Meanwhile, Paxton finally understood that he had feelings for Devi. While on Ben’s lap, Paxton leaves a voicemail that only further confuses Devi about her own feelings for the two boys in her life.

But the Season 2 of My Early Times sent Devi many other curves that shook her relationship with Ben and Paxton. Let’s take a look at the end of the last season and explain who Devi finally chose… because she certainly made a decision. To find out Final explanation of My First Times Season 2 on Netflix !


Devi tells her friends that she is dating Paxton, and they are in shock. She doesn’t feel very good about it. Eleanor says the way to solve the problem is by dancing in winter. The next day at school, many kids make extravagant offers for the winter dance, but nothing from Paxton. And even Aneesa found a wonderful way to ask Ben to the dance.

Devi tells Aneesa that boys are used to asking girls to prom, but Aneesa explains that it is too old-fashioned and less stressful to do it on your own. Devi invites Paxton to the dance, and his friends are behind him at this point. Paxton says no, and Devi is devastated and cries in the bathroom. Ben saw this and took pity on her and joined her in the bathroom. She says it’s Paxton who should be ashamed, not her, and that he doesn’t deserve her. Devi consoles herself with her beautiful words.

Boldly, Paxton walks in through Devi’s bedroom window, late at night, the same day he turned her down for the winter dance. He apologizes to her and mentions the fact that she humiliated him by cheating on her and then ran him over, so the situation is not easy for him. Paxton repeats that he likes it and wants it to be kept a secret for now. Devi agrees, but the next day she tells her friends that she rejected the “secret.”

my first times the season 2 finale

My First Times Season 2 Ending Explained!

High school prom doesn’t turn out the way Devi envisioned and is far from the limo and boyfriend experience she was hoping for. However, as she prepares to leave, Paxton arrives, having realized how much Devi helped her last year. For the first time, the two enter their school as a couple and dance to a slow-to-fast track by Kylie Minogue. Ben, however, seems especially discouraged to see them together and is left speechless when Eleanor tells him that Devi was secretly chasing him before giving up and returning to Paxton.

So it seems that the season 2 it ends up with Paxton, who is finally officially Devi’s boyfriend. Our protagonist, an impulsive teenager, has come a long way from hoping to spot the high school athlete and memorize his schedule, to slow dancing with him in the middle of the dance floor. However, there could be problems as Paxton’s story doesn’t bode well for the new couple.

For one thing, he’s embarrassed to be seen with Devi in ​​public from the beginning and has hurt her multiple times because of it. Furthermore, on several occasions he reconciled with her only when he needed Devi’s help. It would be nice to believe that Paxton has changed, and there have been some significant changes in what was previously a cocky high school jock whose idea of ​​fun was hitting his friends in the crotch with a water bottle.

It is very likely that Paxton will continue to be fickle. It fait that he died of Devi, in a rever, he said that it was good for the rest of the time, that it was good for him or that it was good for him. be finished.