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Mortal Season 1: Explanation of the ending in detail! Reda, Obe, etc.

June 29, 2021

Check out the Mortal Season 1 ending explanation on Netflix!

Mortal is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! The masked killer is going to have a big surprise because Obé saves Sofiane’s life and gives himself to the killer. Amazed by the gesture, the murderer is fooled by Obé’s act and, unfortunately for him, there is no transfer of power. Obé could be really dead by now. Living in the mortal world slowly killed him, because it burns from the inside, literally. To learn all about the season 2 launch, read this.

Meanwhile, Victor is in the hospital with Laurine and Audrey. Laurine is the first victim of all these bad deeds. Upon revealing that Reda drugged her, she realizes that he was a vehicle of communication between mortals and the dead. Terrified to find the perpetrator in her own home, she throws herself to her death from her window. He knows the killer, but he is currently in a coma. We tell you all about him End of Mortal season 1 on Netflix !

Who was under the mask?

The masked killer was revealed to be Hervé, one of Elizabeth’s patients. Luisa’s grandmother, who practices voodoo, had used her skills to treat him after his cancer diagnosis. But he admitted that he performed too many rituals on him, leaving him vulnerable to energies, hence the need to exorcise him at the beginning of the series.

Hervé had performed ritual killings for Obé after coming to terms with the god. We never knew what the assassin wanted, but Obé taunted him with the word “mortal”, suggesting that Hervé wanted some form of supernatural ability.

Sofiane and Victor teamed up to try to kill Hervé using their powers, but it was Luisa who put an end to their actions. The duo had been warned of the risks surrounding their abilities and an extra boost could have killed them.

deadly ending season 1

Mortal season 1 ending explained

Over the course of the episodes, the god gradually weakens, the time he spends in the mortal world and in the cold and empty environment depletes his energy and burns him from within. He needed Sofiane to commit murder to retrieve the slain soul and return to his domain. But Sofiane did not obey his orders. Finally, Luisa managed to trap Obé in the mortal world and the god was defeated, turning to dust.

An old friend visits Luisa’s grandmother and talks to her about the posters and asks her if she can count on Luisa, who enters the room and confirms that she can. It seems that Luisa is part of a certain Charmed company.

Victor tells Sofiane that his family will send him back to a mental hospital and Sofiane wonders why he allows his family to do such an act. Victor announces the bad news to Luisa and she is upset by his departure. In return, Victor shows him a vision of his future, in which they make love. They cling to each other during this vision, then she has an orgasm in the middle of the school hallway. Nobody flinches.

The Tears of the Puppets ends with Sofiane creating a better relationship with her parents. Someone is ringing your doorbell. When he responds, it is his brother Reda. Why not after all?