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Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild: When will Netflix be released, date and time?

August 11, 2021

Find out everything about Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild on Netflix! Date and time of departure, etc.

Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild is coming to Netflix soon! If you want to know when the animated movie will be released, read on! Monster Hunter: Guild Legends features Aiden, a hunter who first appeared in Capcom games in Monster Hunter 4 and has since appeared in Monster Hunter: World.

Also known as Ace Cadet, Aiden sets out to defend his village against an Ancient Dragon that threatens to destroy everything. With the help of Julius, another gruff hunter, and a team of fellow monster hunters, Aiden will go from budding monster hunter to full-on hunter.

Directed by veteran visual effects producer Steven F. Yamamoto, Monster Hunter: Guild Legends stars voice actors Ben Rausch, Erica Lindbeck, and Dante Basco. If you want to know everything about him Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild released, keep reading!

What is the Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild release date and time on Netflix?

The wait isn’t long for Monster Hunter fans! In fact, the Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild release date was set for August 12, 2021 the Netflix. For the most impatient, Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild release time was established at 9:01 am on Netflix in Spain and was classified as Original.

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What can we expect from an animated movie?

Monster hunter takes place in a world where nature is balanced by the coexistence of humans and giant monsters, so it is only natural that this balance is upset to kick off this movie.

The triggering incident in question is the attack on an isolated village by an Ancient Dragon, leading the young protagonist Aiden to embark on a quest to save his endangered village. Then he meets Julius, a member of the Hunter’s Guild, an association dedicated to protecting citizens and the ecosystem from threats.

Together with Julius, Aiden will recruit an elite team of experienced monster hunters and face the dragon once and for all. It seems that there will also be a message on how to maintain the balance between man and nature, but more importantly, there will be many oversized swords that will hit many oversized monsters.