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Masters of the Universe Revelation Season 1: Final Explanation

July 24, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 1 of Masters of the Universe Revelation on Netflix!

Masters of the Universe Revelation is available on Netflix ! If you want to know the explanation of the end of Season 1 of Masters of the Universe, keep reading! After realizing that Grayskull Castle is hiding an orb responsible for all of Eternia’s magic, Skeletor attacks the castle with his minions and his army.

It doesn’t take long for the witch to ask for help from her favorite hero, He-Man. Everything goes according to plan: He-Man fights Skeletor and Teela faces Evil-Lyn. There are shapeshifting, oversized muscles, and costumes that shouldn’t fool anyone, but they do. Then everything changes. To learn everything about season 2, read this.

Skeletor tricks He-Man into unlocking the orb’s vault. But before Skeletor can attack him, the Witch stops time. As she explains, they only have a few seconds before this action destroys the universe. There is only one crazy option left: He-Man must absorb the blast, destroying him and the Sword of Power. We tell you all about The Masters of the Universe Revelation Season 1 Ending Explanation !

Skeletor and the sword

After struggling to enter the Hall of Wisdom, Teela told Adam everything that happened after her death and how all magic was removed from Eternia after Skeletor destroyed the Orb of Power and the Sword of Power. The sword having been remade, it could once again act as a conduit to bring back magic from the primordial realms of Preternia and Subternia.

Adam invoked the power of the Gray Skull, and before long, the garden at the heart of the Hall of Wisdom was restored, as was the Gray Skull Witch, who had aged as magic was drained from her. ‘Eternia. The orb within Evil-Lyn’s wand also glowed, Eternia’s magic was restored, and Tri-Klops and his minions fled as the illusion of the Gray Skull castle around the Hall of Wisdom was restored.

When Adam was about to complete the enchantment that would transform him into He-Man, the head of the Staff of Haunting of Skeletor levitated from Evil-Lyn’s purse, as a dark power began to penetrate. Skeletor revealed himself, reshaped his body and stabbed Adam in the chest with the Staff of Haunting before seizing the Sword of Power.

Skeletor explained that he only had one moment before the Orb of Power’s destruction destroyed his physical form at the same time, and that he had used that moment to place his essence on Evil-Lyn. From there, he waited for the right moment and watched events unfold around him until the time was right to strike.

masters of the universe season 1 final reveal

Masters of the Universe Revelation Season 1 Ending Explained

In a world like Eternia, a hero always needs a villain. Otherwise, he’s just a benefactor with no real goal, no one to save or fight. To balance the scales of the resurrection of Prince Adam, Skeletor also makes a shocking return at the end of “Masters of the Universe: Apocalypse” impaling the hero with his ram-headed staff.

But how did Skeletor manage to make his comeback? In villain lore, during the original explosion under Grayskull Castle in the fifth episode of Masters of the Revelation Universe Skeletor talks lyrically about the fact that he locked himself in Evil-Lyn’s staff to “protect his essence.”

If I had a mustache I’d make it spin. And to add insult to injury, creator Kevin Smith and the show’s writers give Skeletor everything he ever wanted: the power of Grayskull. Yes, it’s true: it took just under 40 years for the latest episode of “Revelation,” part 1, to hand over the keys to Skeletor and transform him into a muscular version of himself.

Interestingly, this inflated Skeletor is filled with a fiery green essence that is not much different from Scare Glow’s powers in the previous episode. Hmm. Either way, it’s a great suspense to leave. It will be interesting to see how this huge shift in power affects the rest of Eternia in Part 2, especially since reforesting the sword was supposed to bring magic back to the world.