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Major Grom Plague Doctor: Explanation of the end!

July 8, 2021

Check out Commander Grom the Plague Doctor’s ending explanation on Netflix!

Major Grom The Plague Doctor is now available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the ending of Major Groom, keep reading! Major Grom offers a refreshing Russian superhero-themed movie. The plot is what we always know in the world of superheroes. The hero against the villains, fighting for justice over deeply entrenched and corrupt systems. We witness the idealistic policeman Grom, along with his two friends, and the fierce case caused by Doctor Plague. The real question is, will Igor Groom manage to catch the true villain of the series? The answer is yes, but not as expected. To find out if a sequel will see the light of day, read this.

We are witnessing the uproar the Doctor is causing by provoking live broadcasts on Vmeste, burning the country’s influencers alive, causing an uproar from underground communities that support his actions as a way to serve justice. After the latest gruesome murder of burning an entire family, Razumovsky asks Oleg to stop his murderous acts. Oleg refuses and emphasizes the idea that this is something that Razumovsky wanted from the beginning. We tell you all about the explanation of the ending of Major Groom on Netflix!

Who is Plague Doctor?

Throughout the movie, we are led to believe that Sergei is the right hand of the murderer Oleg. Actually, Oleg is just a hallucination. Meanwhile, Sergei imagined his childhood friend disguised as a masked vigilante. Oleg died during the Syrian War and it certainly affected him.

In fact, Sergei seems to suffer from schizophrenia. He sees himself, his eyes darkened, pulling the strings. It is a physical manifestation of her own dark personality, which has been projected onto this idyllic version of her friend for far too long. When he dons the plague doctor costume, Sergei turns into the darkest and most irrational form of himself.

Older Boyfriend The Final Plague Doctor

Explanation from Major Grom, the Plague Doctor!

To Major Groom the Plague Doctor ending , we see that Razumovskiy is held captive in a criminal asylum. The evil character infiltrates him while promising him that they will be released soon. The billionaire founder of the social media platform Vmeste, Razumovskiy comes across as an eccentric and intelligent individual.

As a plague doctor, he is often against the law, but according to him, one must rise above the law to heal the city of its rot and corruption. That is why he is initially guided by a sense of righteousness, but as the situation spirals out of control and people side with the plague doctor, he becomes increasingly delusional.

From the first meeting we see Oleg Volkov by his side, only to find out later that he died in military service. Therefore, the version of Oleg that we see is a mental projection of Razumovskiy himself. In many ways, Oleg is an alter ego to Razumovskiy’s docile pacifist. But when Grom announces Oleg’s death to him, Razumovskiy can no longer hide his threatening nature. Choose to reveal your other character. Razumovskiy’s two personalities condition the ego polarities and, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Razumovskiy becomes a different person when he wears the plague doctor costume.

Stay after the credits roll. During this epilogue, Sergei is locked up in a madhouse. Sergei’s petty persona manifests behind him, with shiny black wings and a maniacal smile. He whispers in Sergei’s ear and promises him that he will be released soon. If so, could this lead to another showdown between Grom and Sergei?