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Lupine Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Filming,… Sequel Coming Soon?

June 11, 2021

The new episodes are always so captivating and sadly, they end too quickly. The series was an exceptional success since its launch last January, the fiction inspired by the misadventures of Arsène Lupine had attracted more than 70 million subscribers in the first four weeks.

But will we ever see Assane Diop again in lupine season 3 coming soon ? Netflix may have already revealed the release date. ! You’ve probably seen it but you haven’t seen it 😉

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 3 of Lupine (Netflix): Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

The second season had promised to be rich in twists and turns and the series has delivered on its promises. Assane’s adventures are as fascinating as ever, and the streaming platform’s millions of subscribers are thrilled to see Omar Sy again. The French actor is one of the few who managed to conquer the United States!

According to early reviews, the original creation is still as phenomenal as ever, it could even become one of the most popular dramas of the year. The new episodes were eagerly awaited by the platform’s subscribers.

According to the Imdb site, the average viewer rating given to fiction is 7.6 / 10 and according to Allociné, it gets 3.5 / 5. Very good marks that demonstrate the glory of fiction and therefore , possibly its renewal for a lupine season 3.

Lupine Season 3 on Netflix: an additional part has already been ordered

The company with the red logo officially announced the renewal of the original creation for a lupine season 3, four weeks ago. Indeed, you can discover in the trailer for the second part, exactly at minute fifty-three, an inscription in a notebook. It is simply a link that sends us to a web page where we can read that Season 3 of Lupine was commissioned by Netflix.

Therefore, the streaming giant did not wait to see if the rest of the series it would be as successful as the first part. It is not surprising, since this is not the first time that Netflix has renewed a fiction before its launch. The red logo company surely suspected that the rest of Assane’s adventures would be a real success, which explains why. Lupine season 3 has already been ordered.

Not surprising after the immense success of the first few episodes. The French series is also one of the few that has entered the top 3 of the most popular content ranking in the United States.

Is the premiere date of Lupine season 3 already planned by Netflix?

Netflix has yet to officially announce the release date of Lupine season 3. In fact, the third season has already been ordered but the American company has not yet revealed the potential. dated Transmission of the rest of the series.

If the filming of lupine season 3 has already started, we can look forward to seeing it on our screens next winter. The release date of the rest of the original creation it will therefore be around the month of December.

However, if the production of lupine season 3 has not started yet, so we can assume that the release date of the rest of the series It won’t be announced for several months. We estimate that in this scenario, new episodes will be released in about a year.

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