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Lupine Season 2: Ending Explained! How lucky was Pellegrini?

June 11, 2021

Watch the explanation of the ending of Lupine part 2 on Netflix! Pellegrini, the necklace, etc.

Lupine is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 2, keep reading! The Spaniards’ favorite thief knight is about to return to duty! The Lupine part 2 will soon be broadcast on Netflix. To get Arsène Lupin’s book, click here. Viewers will find Assane Diop, a Robin Hood-worthy character who takes inspiration from the classic French character Arsène Lupine.

In Lupine Part 1, we saw Assane put on various costumes and put on some super cool scams. Your ultimate goal? Come to your immigrant father, who was duped by his wealthy employer and committed suicide in jail. To learn all about the release of Part 3, read this.

The first part of Lupine ends in suspense for Assane. As he gets closer to the truth about who in the Pellegrini family caught his father, Hubert Pellegrini realizes that he is being hunted. Hubert sends his henchmen in search of Assane. The first part of Lupine ends with the kidnapping of Raoul, Assane’s son, and the confrontation of a young investigator with Assane on behalf of “Lupine.” To discover Lupine season 2 finale explained, keep reading!

Lupine Season 2 Ending Explained!

In a finale worthy of the name, Assane finally manages to extract a confession from Hubert. While Hubert thinks he’s winning, Assane is one step ahead of him. It turns out that Accountant Courbet is actually a fan of Lupin’s emo-punk that Ben and Assane met in a library. So while Hubert thinks the money is transferred to his personal account, Assane makes sure that the money from the fundraiser reaches the Foundation account.

Assane enters the building in a trunk and surprises Hubert, who confesses under pressure to having caught Assane’s father, as well as his involvement in Raoul’s kidnapping and Leonardo’s death. After revealing Hubert’s true face to donors, Assane transmits the recording to Guedira. To end of lupine part 2, the police have enough evidence to arrest Hubert and Dumont. The master of deception and daring adventures manages to do justice to his late father, and their fight seems to be over.

But he is still a criminal in the eyes of the police. Assane finds Claire and Raoul on the bridge and tells them that it is all over. However, he admits that Claire is right, that he is causing too much trouble and everything revolves around him, so he will be gone for a while. Claire is devastated, she doesn’t want to lose him. Assane promises that she will return. The police arrive and Assane flees.

Assane will presumably go into hiding until things settle down and the evidence is handled properly by the police. After all, he is technically innocent of the crimes he is accused of.

lupine season 2 finale

Hubert and the necklace

With the arrest of Hubert Pellegrini and his accomplice Dumont, it seems that the saga is definitely over. But Hubert appears to have deep ties to the government, and he may be able to get ahead again. It seems that elites always have a way out. To know the final destination of Hubert Pellegrini, we will have to wait for the next season.

The necklace Assane steals is apparently a duplicate, and at Assane’s suggestion, Hubert Pellegrini had a fake necklace in his possession. It is not known where the actual necklace is. However, in an episode after Assane was declared a fugitive in the media. Benjamin flees his store on Assane’s advice. Before leaving, she retrieves a necklace from the locker, and the necklace looks identical to Marie Antoinette’s. Maybe we know more about the latter!