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Love Is Blind Yes and After: What couples are still together?

July 29, 2021

Find out where the Love Is Blind couples are 2 years later on Netflix! Marc, Damian, Giannina, Francesca, Amber, etc.

Love Is Blind is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about the status of couples, keep reading! The show followed six couples who decided if the other was right for them after an unconventional start to a relationship. Lauren Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton fell in love almost immediately, without even seeing each other, and managed to convey that love out of the box. Find out when Season 2 will be released!

The main obstacle the couple faced was being an interracial couple. Lauren had never dated a white man before and was afraid that Cameron might not understand what it means to date a black woman. However, they managed to overcome these problems and finally decided to get married. This is just one example of all the couples we’ve followed, so find out. who are still together 2 years later in Love Is Blind Yes and After ?

Who is still in a relationship on Love is Blind Yes and After?

Lauren Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton

Even more than two and a half years later, Lauren Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton we are still together and very much in love. As they have repeatedly stated, even in Love is blind: yes and afterBecause their story has played out in front of everyone, they are under ridiculous pressure to have children. However, while they too want to start a family quickly, Cameron has admitted that they will stick to Lauren’s schedule. After all, she is the one who will give birth.

Amber Lucio and Matthew Barnett

Yes, Amber Lucio and Matthew Barnett they are still together and have been married for over two years. Even after facing some inconvenience, the couple is stronger and happier than ever. At the special reunion, the couple frankly admitted that they had a hard time when the cameras stopped recording, due to their similar “stubborn” and relentless nature, as well as their respective expectations.

Amber even said that she sought out a divorce attorney, but Barnett was quick to add that things improved for them once they learned to compromise and stopped forcing “what we wanted” on “each other.”

Lauren “LC” Chamblin and Mark Cuevas

Do not, Lauren “LC” Chamblin and Mark Cuevas They are not together. As soon as LC saw the claim that Mark Cuevas was dating another girl, he broke up with him, as he made clear in his comment on Reddit. LC said, “I really just broke up with Mark so I really appreciate you posting this and saving me the energy to date another liar.”

In a statement, LC later shared: “Mark and I were dating occasionally, but we were talking about staying exclusive, especially due to COVID-19, but it’s over now … I deserve to be treated as a priority, not an option.” . “

love is a blind couple

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers

In March 2020, during the reunion special show, Giannina and Damian revealed that they got back together hours after their marriage disaster, as they felt it wasn’t really over. The two also added that since then they have continued to learn more about each other and are gradually improving as individuals and as a couple.

From what we can tell, they stayed together for at least two years after the show, but the status of their relationship is still unknown. Damian’s association with Francesca Farago in another Netflix original series, “Too Hot To Handle” season 1, is perhaps the main reason for this situation.