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Love Death + Robots Season 1 Episode 4 Sonnie’s Edge: Ending Explained!

May 12, 2021

Check out Sonnie’s Edge from Love Death + Robots Ending Explained on Netflix!

Love Death + Robots is available on Netflix! If you want to know all the explanations at the end of episode 4 of season 1, keep reading! In an underground world of combat, the “beasts” are the supreme fighters. Humans take control of the beasts using bioprocessors, giving them an additional advantage in combat. The next challenger is Sonnie, a seemingly unbeatable opponent who refuses to give up his fights even though he makes more money. Before continuing, if you want to discover the explanation of the episode “The Three Robots” is here. To find out the explanation of the end of episode 4 of Love Death + Robots!

Explanation of the ending

It is a cross between Pokémon and Pacific Rim, dark, cyberpunk and CGI animated, centered on a monster fight between two psychically controlled beasts. The challenger is a fierce new competitor who dumps a bribe to lose before he is victorious. His corruptor, who did not appreciate his refusal, visits him later and discovers his true identity.

After being brutally beaten, her consciousness was transferred to that of the animal, and she uses a reversed form of the psychic link to control a human puppet without anyone noticing. When his latest assailants notice it, of course, it is too late. She’s going to kill to keep her secret, willing to make every man in her way pay for what happened to her.

love death robots sonnie advantage

The episode then goes black, implying that Sonnie killed Dicko. So in the end, Sonnie was the opposite of how humans used “beasts.” Rather than being a human controlling the beast, she was the Khanivore all the time and controlled her original body through processors. The original body was too damaged from gang rape and disfigurement. And he only used it to keep the disguise and mystique around him. Sonnie’s fighting ability is the best because it is the fear of death that makes her feel alive.