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Love Death + Robots Season 1 Episode 2 Behind the Crack: Ending Explained!

May 12, 2021

Watch the Death + Robots’ Behind Rift end of love explanation on Netflix!

Love Death + Robots is available on Netflix! If you want to know all the explanations at the end of episode 1 of season 2, keep reading! These images are all. The Blue Goose crew is ready to travel among the stars in search of a well-paying job. Waking up months later to find that they are light years from their destination, the crew struggles to adjust to their new surroundings. Before continuing, if you want to discover the explanation of the end of “The Witness” is here. Find it now the explanation of the end of “Behind the Rift” !

Explanation of the ending

Another technical marvel, Haunting Valley is in full force for “Aquila Rift,” which uses human-like computer-generated imagery. A space captain awakens from hyper-sleep to discover that his ship has drastically veered off course and is parked at a checkpoint to the left. During an affair with Gretta, an ex-girlfriend, he begins to wonder what is really going on.

Gretta ends up tearing down the facade. It turns out that they are far from human civilization and are now trapped in a hellish biomechanical and insectoid landscape where an arachnid with telepathic powers creates a poignant reality for him, presumably until his death. Several other vessels can be seen in this sprawling nest, a veritable hive welcoming stragglers as it slowly expands into its own dark corner of space.

i love death robots behind the rift

Thom will eventually die, but until he accepts the simulated world that Fake Greta has kept him in, he is doomed to repeat the process of waking up and finding the hive. It is not known if Suzy is dead, but it seems that she has already woken up several times, so she knew that Greta was not real.

Although there is nothing to suggest that spider creatures do not eat the remains of dead space travelers. Inevitably, other travelers will crash and the spiders will eat them or make their way easier.