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Like Prey 2: What Netflix Release Date? A planned sequel?

September 12, 2021

Find out all the information about the launch of Comme des Preies 2 on Netflix! Release date, renewal, etc.

Comme des Preies is available on Netflix! If you want to know all the information about Like Prey 2, keep reading! The Netflix movie Prey is a German thriller in which five men fight for survival in the forest as an invisible pursuer tries to take them down with a deer rifle. To discover the explanation of the ending in detail, read this.

And that’s it, this is a low-budget genre thriller with just one or two frills, so moderate your expectations dear viewers. But there is always hope that a simple premise will produce just the right suspense, or at least that it is a classic case of minimal intrigue, maximum accomplishment. If you liked the movie, you probably want to know when it will be released. Like Des Preies 2 on Netflix, we tell you everything!

What is the release date of Comme Des Preies 2 on Netflix?

Comme Des Preies was launched on September 10, 2021. Currently, no renewal announcements have been made regarding Like Des Preies 2 on Netflix. Many aspects of the film make a sequel unlikely, the most important being that the central antagonist is seen falling off a cliff at the end and is probably dead.

However, this is also where Sieben masterfully left the door open for possible aftermath, as we don’t actually see Eva’s corpse. So it’s quite possible that he survived and decides to continue his series of unsuspecting hikers in the woods.

The film also touches on broader themes that could provide a good starting point for a possible sequel. The story centers on city dwellers who are becoming increasingly vulnerable by nature.

like prey 2 netflix

Indeed, the story of the drunken boys who accidentally shot and killed Eva’s little daughter Anne remains largely unexplored and may turn out to be a similar suspense thriller. The way he took possession of his rifle and the fact that he killed the children out of revenge would be an original story worthy of the name of the sequel to Comme Des Preies.

However, at this point, it doesn’t seem like a sequel is in the works, and since the movie has only gotten average reviews so far, that probably means Netflix He will decide not to give the green light to another version of the German thriller. Ultimately, while there are still rich areas to explore in the story arc, it seems highly unlikely that Like Prey 2 is carried out.