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Like a Spark Season 2: What Netflix Release Date? Planned continuation?

July 27, 2021

Discover all the information about season 2 of Comme une Étincelle on Netflix! Release date, renewal, etc.

Like a Sparkle is available on Netflix! If you want to know When will season 2 be released?, keep reading! Feels Like Ishq from its original name (Ishq means “love”) is a Hindi romantic comedy anthology series produced in collaboration with Awesomeness TV, Mutant Films and Netflix.

The story follows six people in search of love, pain, and euphoria. Zayn Marie Khan, niece of actor Aamir Khan, stars. Some found the simplicity of the stories quite refreshing, while others felt the series had nothing new to say. We tell you more about him Like a Sparkle Season 2 released on Netflix!

What’s the release date for Like a Sparkle season 2 on Netflix?

The series has yet to be renewed at the time of this writing. If the series’ possible renewal is based on those ratings and reviews, then that might not be enough to justify a second season. In case that Netflix chose to relaunch the series. The Like a Sparkle Season 2 release date should be established by the summer of 2022 in Netflix !

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What can we expect from the future?

In the first season, each episode is a separate narrative. In episode 1, two people meet at a wedding and realize that there may be other reasons why they enjoy each other’s company. Another episode puts Aditya and Tara in the spotlight. When Aditya rents out her family’s vacation home, she connects with a traveler, Tara.

In the last episode, Kabir meets up with Mehr, who is supposed to be his rebound relationship. But Mehr ends up completely changing his view of relationships. If there is a Like a Spark Season 2will follow new characters who will be touched by love in ways they never imagined, and the most unexpected people will become agents of love.