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La Casa De Papel: When and why did Berlin die?

September 8, 2021

Discover all the information about the death of Berlin in La Casa De Papel on Netflix!

La Casa De Papel is available on Netflix! If you want to know all the information about the death of berlin, keep reading! Sedan, Captain of the fan-favorite La Casa De Papel heist, died in the season 2 finale, But thanks to the show’s love of flashbacks, he continued to appear regularly during the Bank of Spain heist. Discover the explanation for the ending of Part 1 of Season 5!

Portrayed by Pedro Alonso, Sedan spent much of the first two seasons of The Money Heist to be more of a villain than a protagonist, although we have to admit that the lines are already blurred in a series where the “heroes” are a gang of bank robbers.

Showrunner Álex Pina said he had been pressured to remove Berlin from the series. However, Pina refused, arguing that the character’s psychopathy helped keep things interesting. The decision to kill Berlin likely stemmed from the belief that there would only be one heist, and that if the series did not return, its silver-tongued antihero might well erupt in a blaze of glory.

When did Berlin die in La Casa de Papel?

Sedan is killed in the last episode of the season 2. During the robbery, Sedan he seems to consider his fellow robbers and hostages to be inferior. As a result, he developed antagonistic relationships with various people at the Mint, including Nairobi. Fiercely independent, compassionate, and endowed with natural leadership qualities, Nairobi overthrows Berlin at one point in the heist, but regains control thereafter.

Sedan He is also linked to one of the hostages, Ariadna Cascales. A Mint employee, Ariadna, is terrified after seeing the other hostages being intimidated by the robbers. She then approaches Berlin and has sex with him to ensure her own safety. They then have several such encounters, which Ariadna describes as rape in a frank conversation with Stockholm.

And given the imbalance of power between the two, that’s a valid claim. It is also revealed that Sedan he intends to marry Ariadna, but she despises him and uses him to stay alive. He also hopes to get all of his money back after his death.

la casa de papel mort berlin

During one of the last confrontations between Nairobi and Berlin, the former reveals the truth about Ariadna. After the team escaped through the tunnel, Sedan stay behind with Ariadna and start shooting at the police. The professor and Berlin are, in fact, half-brothers through their mother. When the professor realizes that Berlin has been left behind, he begs his brother to leave. Corn Sedan refuses and orders Helsinki to blow up the tunnel.

When the former Serbian mercenary reluctantly shows up, Sedan he faces the police alone and is assassinated. At the start of the series, audiences learn that Berlin has been diagnosed with Helmer’s muscular dystrophy and has only a few months to live. This fact, along with what is revealed in season 3, gives context to his actions before his death. He considers himself an artist, and the Mint Heist was his masterpiece. His death is his last act of rebellion against the system.