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La Casa De Papel Season 5: Should the Professor Die?

August 29, 2021

The character played by Álvaro Morte is probably one of the most complex protagonists in history. Either we hate him for his apathetic nature or we love him for his intelligence. What fate did the creator of the series have in store for him in Season 5 of La Casa De Papel ?

Either way, he will be one of the few characters, if not the only one, who has taken almost no risks. He always stayed in his multiple references from where he was able to follow the progress of his team and communicate with the Police negotiators. In fact, he must have gotten wet once or twice, but since no one knew his face, it was easy enough …

The professor is finally in danger in season 5 of La Casa de Papel!

We all hope the show ends well for all team members, but the writers are likely planning a completely different ending. As a reminder, the series’ second season was initially supposed to be its last.

The creator of the fiction had therefore made sure that everything ended well, since the professor’s team had almost escaped unharmed and everyone had been able to start a new life with the millions of euros from the robbery.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) after the immense success of the Spanish series, the American company has decided to prolong the adventures of Tokyo and Rio. Therefore, the writers resumed their story and starred in new episodes.

The premiere date of season 5 of La Casa De Papel is set for Friday, September 3, 2021 exclusively on Netflix.. This will be just the first part.

The terrible Alicia Sierra has finally managed to get her hands on the professor! It is the first time that the character played by Álvaro Morte finds himself in such a critical situation.

La Casa De Papel Season 5: Will Raquel and the Professor Never Meet?

We are not going to witness an emotionally charged reunion as the teacher finds himself in a completely unlikely situation and is offered two scenarios.

In the first, he manages to get rid of Alicia using a ruse that only he has the secret or simply using violence, even if he doesn’t really seem in a position of strength.

Or he manages to convince Alicia to join his team. We hope the writers have kept our last idea. So we will assist a completely unlikely alliance in season 5 of La Casa De Papel on Netflix.

How could season 5 of La Casa De Papel end?

We all hope that the story ends well for our heroes and that the team members walk away with the gold, but it is a scenario that we believe is not practical. However, the professor could sacrifice himself for save your team in season 5 of La Casa De Papel.

He has never been on the court unlike everyone else who has witnessed horrible things. He was not present when Nairobi was seriously injured, the same when Rio was tortured, the same when Tokyo and Rio were surrounded by Interpol in the second season …

La Casa de Papel Season 5: The Professor Must Fall?

Of all the characters, the professor is the one with the least merit. In fact, he planned all the plans and used his intelligence to repeatedly save his teammates, but he was not on the field to experience the hell of the other heroes in the series!

We want the very tormented Tokyo and the young Rio to escape unscathed but the situation is very badly started and it seems really critical. If the professor can’t help them because of Alicia, there could be other injuries and this robbery could even end in a bloodbath.

For now, the episodes of Season 5 of La Casa De Papel it hasn’t taken place yet but it’s only a matter of a few days before we can discover the rest of our heroes’ adventures.

Season 5 will be the last of the series and has been divided into two parts.. Normally the first one to be published on Friday, September 3, will consist of five episodes that will be published at 9:01 am.

Watch the season 5 trailer to keep you waiting

Like every year, Netflix has already published on its social networks. Trailer of season 5 of La Casa de Papel. The visuals for the upcoming episodes are more explosive than ever! The professor’s team will have to advance blindly and fight the army just that… Hopefully there isn’t too much blood on the side of our little favorites.

Trailer of season 5 of La Casa De Papel (Part 1)

Waiting to discover the first five episodes of Season 5 of La Casa De Papel, know that Netflix has officially saved the Manifest series.