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La Casa de Las Flores 2 movie: What Netflix release date?

June 29, 2021

Find out if a sequel to the movie La Casa de Las Flores on Netflix will see the light of day! Release date, renewal, etc.

La Casa de Las Flores is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about him continuation of the film, keep reading! Netflix movie The House of Flowers brings together all the actors of the hit series of the same name for a new round of the subject and a new debate on whether or not it is a soap opera. The Mexican series, which aired for three seasons before ending in 2020, has been acclaimed numerous times for its balance between soapy melodrama and black comedy. Without revealing much, the film may offer a small conclusion for fans of the insane adventures of the dysfunctional Mora family.

The House of Flowers: The Movie It ends with Agustín’s confession of guilt during a private recording. His statements are secretly broadcast to party-goers, but the video is cut before the full confession. In the end, Paulina and her siblings retrieve the tape, only to find that the evidence they seek has been replaced by an amateur video showing them with Virginia, Ernesto, and Delia. But then, is what The House of Flowers: The Movie 2 Could I see the light of day?

What is the release date of La Casa de Las Flores 2 on Netflix?

The film premiered in late June 2021 on Netflix. If the green light is given, The House of Flowers: The Movie 2 it probably wouldn’t be published for several years. Caro has new projects underway, in addition to her new collaboration with Suárez on Netflix, Someone Has to Die.

As to The House of Flowers, it could choose to update the plot with a new movie in the next five years, although the series was canceled in 2020. Taking all this into account, The House of Flowers: Release date of The Movie 2 would be fixed around 2024 in Netflix !

the house of flowers the movie 2

What can we expect from the sequel to La Casa de Las Flores: The Movie?

The House of Flowers: The Movie 2 it could very well come out in the future. However, there is no immediate plan for a sequel. The 2021 movie ends with a conclusion, as Delia dies after telling the Mora brothers that everything will be fine. In the future, a sequel or series could, theoretically, bring audiences closer to the life and times of Paulina, Elena and Julián, as well as the diverse portrayal of LGBTQ + characters.

In the future, all members of the main cast will be able to reprise their roles, either in the current stories or in flashback sequences.